Thursday, July 3, 2008


Yesterday morning during our Masters swim session, the weirdest thing happened. There three of us swimming in our lane. I was suffering a bit...not because it was too hard of a workout but because it was so early. I'm not sure I'll ever get used to getting up at 4:30!

Anyways, during our last set (3X300 yards @ 4:30--which is cooking along), so random big fat dude just jumped in our lane and started swimming a modified side stroke-dog paddle. He jumped in just before me. So, when I come swimming on him in my anerobic state, it was like hitting a wall. It didn't phase him though...he just kicked me. I had to stop and see what was going on. To further complicate the situation, he was swimming in the middle of the lane. So, when the other 2 guys came back, they had to stop and move out of the way to let him pass. That killed our set and we just walked back to the side of the pool. When the hippo got back to the side of the pool where we were standing, one of the guys started yelling at him, "hey, what are you doing?" He just swam away on his back and gave us the bird.

I need to point out, that the Masters swimmers pay a hefty monthly fee and come extremely early to use the pool exclusively. This is partially why the entire situation was so strange.

I think this made all of us a bit madder, but given the time of the morning and the intensity of our workout we just did, we all let it go. The two other guys got out of the pool--it was the last set after all. I stayed as I normally do to swim an additional 1,000 yards, but waited to see what the uninvited guest was going to do. After his second lap, he got out of the pool and called it a day. 2 LAPS! All that for 2 LAPS! After much effort and struggle, he hoisted his gluttonous body from the pool and made his way to the mens locker room.

I swam my 1,000 more yards for a daily total of 3,750 then hurried off to work. My leg was a bit sore from last night's run. Work was a zombie-fest as you'd expect from some pushing their body too hard and living on too little sleep. The highlight of my work day was meeting my wife at Taj Mahal for lunch and eating na'an and curry on jasmine rice--oh ya!

After work I rode for a couple of hours easy then came home and hung out with Elise for a long time. She did my hair in different ways and she told me about her day at Kid's Camp! Mia and Grace zonked out really early, Ethan was at a friend's house for the evening, and Tanya was with her sister seeing a late-night movie.

After Elise went to bed, I checked my losing Powerball numbers and went to be myself. Gosh...this early retirement plan isn't working out too well!

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