Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Crazy Dancer Lady

Last night while on my ride, I saw her. I call her the crazy dancer lady. She was where I see her every time I see her. Her car was parked off the road on Tramway between the County Line and La Luz.

This lady parks her car facing the mountain, sets up a little ghetto blaster, and begins to dance facing the mountain as though she's dancing for the mountain. I'd guess she's in her mid 50s. The last two times I've seen her, she was wearing a crazy pink curly-haired wig. Otherwise, she wears a traditional ballet get up.

The way she dances, you can tell she's had some formal training. She twirls, kicks, bounds around next to her car oblivious to the people passing by, gawking, on the road behind her. I've seen her about 10 times now, generally on Saturdays. But, I saw her again last night while on my evening ride.

As comical as the entire scenario seems, I actually find it refreshing to see her. Some people are so committed to what they do, they don't care what others think. Crazy Dancer Lady definitely doesn't care what others think--that's why she's crazy! I'd like to think I'm in that category, but, honestly, there are times I make decisions otherwise. I need to take a picture next time I see her, so you'll know I'm not making this up.

Swimming was killer this morning! And, again, each practice reinforces that I'm really slow. I'm hoping after punishing myself for 6 months, I might get a little speed.

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Dan said...

Hey, I can't find your email address. Know how you wanted to start a "bike shop" to order stuff? I might have an option. Email back. dan1 (at)