Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Block 2 Starts

Yesterday morning marked the beginning of my second block. I woke at 4:30AM and went to Masters swim. The Masters swim was brutal! I'm not whether it was because I took a week long hiatus from intense swimming, I was recovering from my deep tissue massage the night before, or I'm just slow. But, I had my pride handed to me. After a few warm up sets, the main set was 9X200 yards each getting progressively faster. After the third, I was really tired and hoping that the set would get over quickly. It didn't though; it just dragged on and on and on. At the end of the workout I had 4,250 yards.

When I got out of the pool, I noticed my Zoomers (mini-fins--not to be confused with bloomers) were missing. Either someone stole them, or someone in my lane inadvertently thought they were his/hers. I'm hoping the latter is the case, so I can get them back on Wednesday. If they were stolen, I'd be very disappointed.

At lunch I did my super-secret strength training routine. It took 45 minutes and was a lot considering my workout in the morning.

After work, the family pulled weeds, ate dinner, and called it a night.

Oh yeah, we told Elise (our oldest child) that, through some friends, Tanya procured an all-expense paid trip for Elise and Tanya to go to Las Vegas and see Coldplay with VIP passes. They'll go this weekend leaving Friday morning. Coldplay is Elise's favorite band, and this will be her first concert. She'll even get to meet the band. Talk about setting the bar high right off the bat! It should be really fun and memorable for Elise. I get the rest of the kids for weekend. We're going to see the new Batman movie...touche'

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