Monday, July 7, 2008

Block 1 - Week 3

I'm so glad this last week is over!

Total hours: 22
Swim: 5.25 hours/13,665 yards
Bike: 13.6 hours/210 miles
Run: 50 minutes/5.7 miles
Strength: 1.25 hours
Yoga: 1 hour

This next week will be a recovery week with 10 hours of training. I will also use my first of three hours of massage I got for Fathers Day.

Regardless of what my doc told me, I'm not running for at least a month. I'm certain I've got a stress fracture. Based on every thing I've read and feel, all indicators lead to a tibial stress fracture. I ran 2 times last week--granted the first time hard, but the second time really gentle and the results remain the same. There's no sense in dragging this out any longer than necessary. The frustrating thing is if I'd just stayed off it after Boise, I'd be pretty much ready to run again. Cycling and swimming don't seem to impact it. I'm now doing lots of dorsi-flex activities to strengthen my shin muscles. I'll continue to go to the chiro though.

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