Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Summary (Fathers Day)

Saturday...the last Saturday before I start my training in earnest. I decided to join my team for a 3 hour ride. My intention was to never have to use the big chain ring. When I met the team, there were only 4 people; two from my team, and 2 head bangers. I call riders that like to push really hard all year "Head Bangers". I knew it wouldn't be the easiest day, but whatever. We rode east and decided to go South 14 towards Oak Flats. This happens to be one of my favorite rides in New Mexico just because the climbing isn't too hard and not too long either--just right. Right as pie...the head bangers began to motor up the hill. I didn't have too much trouble staying with them, but I did notice my HR was in the high 160s. This was much too high for someone trying to take it easy. Half way up, I backed off and let them go. I spun at a high cadence and brought my HR where it needed to be.

At Oak Flats, I turned around and went back to High Point where my car was parked. I was done 2:50 and did a little cross training to make up the 10 mintues. My bro was there and I showed him some of the BOSU we did last Monday. This aggrevated my leg, which made me nervous. I still haven't decided whether I to go to the doctor. What are they going to do for me?...tell me not to run on..keep the pressure off of it. Thanks..Here's my $20 co-pay! NEVER MIND!

I spent the rest of the day swimming with the kids at the pool. That was fun.

Sunday started with kids making me breakfast: chocolate chip muffins, scrambled eggs, and bacon. I've realized I'm not so fond of bacon anymore. Bacon generally is a stapel for most guys but it leaves a greasing lining in your mouth afterwards--what does it do to your insides. At any rate, the breakfast was nice. Then Tanya and the kids proceeded to give me Father's Day gifts: a comprehensive book about The Sopranos (very nice!) and 3 one-hour massages (very nice). I will use these during my next 3 recovery weeks. We then hurried to church.

After Church, Dan and his family joined our family for a picnic at Cochiti Lake. It was toasty outside, but Dan was smart enough to bring a shade tent. My intent for going to Cochiti was to practice my open-water swim skills. After getting everything set up, I through on the wet suit and started to swim accross the lake. Dan was going to swim too, but he wanted to eat first and swim a shorter distance (he hasn't been swimming much these days). On the way out, I had a tail wind that blew my kicking splashes into my face, which was annoying but probably good open-water swim development. In my mind, any adverse swim conditions I chalk up as "good open-water swim developement". I swam for what seemed to be an eternity. I was counting strokes...every 10 strokes, I'd sight. My objective was to swim to this round tower in the south-east corner of the lake. From the beach it didn't appear to be too far. Finally, after a long time, I got to it. There were a group of people fishing off of a pontoon boat there where were a bit taken aback by someone swimming up to them from the beach. I had a brief conversation with them and headed back.

About a quarter way back I see my bro Dan swimming towards me. "Dude you totally freak me out...I couldn't see your green swim cap anymore!" "I swam way further than I wanted to...I was worried something happened!" Poor dude; he swam out to me thinking I decided to change my citizenship to the fish kingdom. We swam back together. Swimming back into the headwind pushed the small ripples over my head during the swim. Again; good open-water swim development! I finally reached the beach after an hour and change. I'm guessing I swam 2 miles. My poor brother-in-law probably swam 1.5, which is challenging after his 1 year torpor.

After swimming, I ate brisket sandwiches, IBC root beer, and brownies on the beach while the kids splashed around. Now this is what Father's Day is about!

Afterwards we made a pit stop at the out-laws for more Father's Day activities. I wanted to get to bed as early as possible because tomorrow is the first day of Masters swimming, which starts as 5:00AM meaning 4:40 wake up. I ended up getting to bed around 10:20, which later than I wanted but earlier than last night (1:45AM).

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Daniel said...

Well I'm glad you decided to post the edited version of what I said. Much more colorful language was used when I caught up with you.