Monday, June 30, 2008

Week 2/Block 1 Wrap Up

My schedule called for 17 hours of training, but that seemed soft when you factor in an hour of yoga and 2 hours of strength training. Here are my totals for the week:
Total Hours: 20
Bike: 11 hours/194 Miles
Swim: 4.5 hours/12,600 yards
Run: 1.5 hour/10 miles
Stength: 2 hours
Yoga: 1 hour

Friday night I went to Hollywood Video--somewhere I chose not to go unless the Redbox line is too long or the selections is weak. I found a video and went to the front desk. The local Hollywood video makes you pay 10% of your late fee before they'll rent. Our currently late balance is ~$60; this is why I don't go to Hollywood Video!
Anyways, the person checking me out was this early 20's large guy--he was large in the sense that he was once a bodybuilding football player but didn't keep it up and the muscle turned to something else...He saw my IronMan Boise hat I was wearing and got really excited. "Did you do an IronMan?" I affirmed and mentioned that it happened just a few weeks ago. He got really excited and asked me lots of questions. He didn't make me pay my late fee. He even said that I looked "Tuned Up". At 160lbs, I don't know if I would qualify as being "tuned up", but I'll take what ever complements I can get. I told him that he should try an IronMan and he shrugged as though I just asked him to pull $1M cash out of his pocket..."Yeah right!"
This conversation was rather interesting to me. I've been racing bikes for years. Some of the bike races, in my opinion, were much harder than an IronMan. A week of the Tour of Gila isn't a picnic. I've done over 100 road bike/mountain bike races. Yet, this small complement from some random person at Hollywood Video for only my second Tri event, is more than I've ever received for all the bike races I've done (family doesn't count). How strange?
Saturday, I did a TT effort up Oak Flats to establish a baseline for testing purposes. I figure I'll use the climb up Oak Flats for testing because it's continuous and it's gradual enough to carry speed. In a few weeks I'll test it again to see if I progress. I figure progression should be interesting to chart once I increase my running mileage. My time Saturday was 34:02 from the ranger station.
Yesterday, I stopped midway through my ride to watch the pros in the NM state Crit race. It was a really small field. Three riders lapped the field in the first 6 laps of the course; this was supposed to be a 75 minute race, and it was already over after the first 10 minutes. I guess the prems become more meaningful at this point.

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