Monday, June 23, 2008

Week 1/Block 1 Wrap Up

Friday I had a bit of a stomach funk going on. It progressively got worse and I tooke some medicine. Saturday morning I took some more medicine and went on an early ride to Madrid (Mad-Drid) with Silvio and Rod. It turned out to be an 86 mile ride with 6,200 feet of elevation gain. See work out:

This ride was very hard. It seemed like we had a headwind 90% of the day. New Mexico is notorious for shifting winds. I felt good on the way to Mad-Drid. Once we got to Mad-Drid, my stomach really started to bug me. On the way back, my power was down. Everytime we'd hit a long climb, my power would fade. Silvio and Rod had to wait for me after the long climbs. On the way back, Silvio and Rod wanted to do Heart Break Hill and come back a different route. I wasn't too excited but they talked me into carrying on. My power would come back on the flats, but still would fade on any extended climb. We, finally, finished up the ride, and I went home and took a nap. I later joined Tanya and the kids at the pool. After some lunch and some more rest, I decided to swim some laps. I swam a mile then swam with the kids for an hour or so. After which, I was done.

I came home and went to bed. I spent the entire Sunday in bed. By the end of Sunday, I was able to start eating again.

Weeks Totals:
15:16 hours
Bike: 9:16 Hours/161 Miles
Swim: 4 Hours/10,773 yards
Strength: 2 Hours

This Morning I got up and swam with the Masters. The main set was 4X(200/100/6X50). My total yardage was 3400 in 1 hour. I swam second postion in my lane. I ran 20 minutes right after swimming. The day hasn't even started and I'm tired!

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