Thursday, June 5, 2008

Post Boise Iron Man Reflections/Data

It has been a couple of days since Boise, and I've given myself some time to internalize/analyze the day's results.

Here's the Race Data (Bike Portion):
Average Speed: 22.2 MPH
Average Watts: 307
Average HR: 155
Total Elevation Increase: 2,142 feet
Notes: I had to stop once to use the rest room. This lasted about 1.5 minutes. I started out a bit too hard (this was in response to my perceived slow swim). Towards the end of the bike, I was suffering a bit. At the end of the day, I didn't leave anything on the bike yet left just enough to finish the run. I was happy with my time. I think I need to continue to work to build strength on the bike. I can't believe the top speed was 25 minutes faster than me. Wow!

My T2 was fairly good relative to my first half iron man. I trimed of 45 seconds. My wife videod my T2. There was definitely some time savings to be had still. I made a last minute decision to put on a waist water-bottle holder. During the run, the bottle fell out and broke; this was a waste of time--especially considering the cool temps. I'm projecting I could have saved another minute.

Average Run Pace: 7:39 minute miles
Average HR: 157
Notes: This perhaps is the first run I've done in which I was able drink water from the neutral feedzone cups. I prefer a water bottle, but it worked this time. I went solely with water, 2 gels and a bag of Cliff Shot Blocks. I started out hard, and realized I couldn't maintain the pace so I slowed a bit. I did save a little for the last half-mile and pushed really hard at the end. At the finish line, I was done! I used everything I had and was spent. There were a handful of people who blew past me on the run (who I passed during the ride). I couldn't believe their pace. I just tried to ignore them because if I tried to follow, I would have blown up on mile 10.

Post Race: I've been very sore in my legs. I have a huge scab on the back of my neck and arm pits from wetsuit rub. It's Thursday and I'm still a bit sore. I'm going to take it easy this week--except I do plan on doing the Albuquerque Century on Saturday. This will be a social ride. Suprisingly, I'm pumped and ready to start my next training block. I'm giving myself some time to mentally/physically recover from the early part of the season, but my results in Boise get me excited to keep going. If I can stay injury free for the next few months, I think a 4:45 is attainable at Redman in Oklahoma City. Wish me lucky!

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Davis said...

I took a bunch of photos of the bicycle leg of the Boise Ironman. You can view the pictures by participant number at They aren't all up yet, so please be patient, there are more to come...Rick Davis

Davis said...

Sorry, wrong link for the pictures. Try this one: