Sunday, June 1, 2008

Boise Half -- Done!

I finished in 5:01:05. My goal was to be sub-5 hours. The 1:05 was a pee break I took on the bike from drinking so much during the swim. I trimmed 45 minutes off my first half ironman (this is my second). The results break out like this:

Swim: 40:15 (Terrible!)
Bike: 2:31:34 (Met my expectation)
Run: 1:40:49 (Greatest Improvement)

I think of all the events since Redman 2007, I've trained the most on the swim. You wouldn't be able to tell from the results. In the Redman, my swim split was 45 minutes. I was able to cut out 5 minutes this time. In the pool, I can push out a mile (1650 meters) in <25 minutes. Here's the thing! Lucky Peak was so choppy during the swim with lots of wind and boats and jet skis patrolling the lake for troubled swimmers. Every time I'd take a breath, I'd have a wake break on me and take in a lung full of water. Frankly, all my swimming has been in the pool, which is a real problem. Swimming in a pool and open water are as about as similar as turkey and beef. You can't improve your bike skills by always riding on a trainer, so I'm going to have to spend some quality time at Lake Cochiti--the only body of water near Albuquerque worth swimming in.

My bike at Redman was 2:42. I picked up a 9 minute improvement, which is pretty good considering how much more vertical was on this course (at least 1,000 feet). The addition of a TT bike, aero wheels and an aero helmet helped.

My run at Redman was 2:15. I cut out 35 minutes. I'm very happy about that. I was shooting for a 1:30, but considering how much my leg has been bugging me these last few weeks, I'm very pleased. I have to take this time with a bit of grain of salt though. You couldn't have asked for better weather (except the morning wind on the lake). It was over-cast all day with a slight drizzle at the end of the ride and throughout the run. It played a large roll in keeping the core temp down and helped ease off the need for hydration.

In conditions of higher ambient temp or humidity, I don't run nearly as well. I struggle in heat! I struggled at Redman during the run because of the heat. Running in heat is simply a part of the Ironman experience--unless, of course, you go to New Zealand, Canada, or other events in northerly climates. However, my goal is to qualify for Kona, where heat is the name of the game. Again, this is something I'll need to get my body to adapt to.

One last thing: the Ironman website gave a brief summary of the Boise Ironman. The article said today's temps are the norm for the area. This is not correct. If you polled 100 Boise natives, 99 would tell you it's generally very hot during this time and this year has been an unseasonably long spring. The 1 person that would agree would be the village idiot! I think this was a ploy to get more people to consider this race next year.

One more "last thing": many people doing Coeur D'Alene Iron Man came hear for an "Idaho" primer. I spoke to many while waiting in line to register, and the water is very cold. One person described how he swam in the water, and afterwards threw up because the cold cold water screwed up his inner-ear. These people are terrified!


Silvio said...

Nice work bicha!! Congratulation!!

Amy@RunnersLounge said...

Congrats on your half! Kona is a long off dream of mine, so I stay connected to it by listening (and learning) from others' experiences.

Way to go - best wishes on your goals!


Kyle said...

Way to go dude! You did great!

Anonymous said...

Awesome job! You have the drive to make it to Kona!