Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Back Home

We made it back home Tuesday early evening. We cut out of Boise Monday around 4:00PM and slept in Price, UT. Then finished the rest of the trip the next day.

It was a good trip. Last time I left Boise, exactly a year ago, it was on a very low note. I just got laid off and spent the prior year working at the worst place I've ever worked (Hubble Homes--Don't Buy One of Their Homes!). While living in Boise for the 2 years, we suffered many set-backs. At the time, I didn't want to leave Boise, but circumstances necessitated the move. For this very reason, I had my reservations about returning. We did return and, in many respects, it was as though nothing had changed. We spent time with family and friends just as we had in the past. They welcomed us back. The day before the race, I rode my bike from Camelback Park along Hill Road to our old neighborhood. It was an early Saturday morning and riders were hurrying to their respective group rides. Had I still lived in Boise, I, too, would be in a hurry to get to my group ride. Boise had remained the same--a lovely place to live--sadly, we'd moved on to our "new" lovely place to live.

I was able to meet up with most (Lori was away on business; Tom Christensen was in his car reading an aviation magazine) of my former co-workers that I really enjoyed working with and considered friends. My wife and children were able to do the same.

While driving away, I felt like I left Boise, this time, on a high note. Through the Ironman, I was able to carve out a lasting, positive memory. I'm glad I came back!

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Ceri said...

I am Ceri, Kyle and Lisa's friend. He told me about your blog so I took a peak & you are AWESOME! Your wife is way cool to, to support you in all these adventures! Work and kids are tough & you throw in another worthwhile goal, what an inspiration you are! Good luck! Ceri