Thursday, May 1, 2008

Kids' Bridge Challenge

Last night I stopped at the Hobby Lobby and picked up a bunch of pop sickle sticks, tongue depressor sticks and wood glue. When the kids got home, I issued the KIDS BRIDGE CHALLENGE to Elise and Ethan. This is the challenge:

Each kid must build a bridge using the pop sickle sticks, tongue depressor sticks and wood glue that must span 12 inches. Each kid must build their own bridge and only use the three supplies provided. The bridges must be as wide as a pop sickle stick. On Monday evening, we are going to see which bridge will support the most weight. The kid's bridge that supports the most weight will win $20.

Both Ethan and Elise have expressed an interest in becoming engineers or builders of some sort. I thought this would be a meaningful challenge/experiment. When I told them about the challenge, they were very excited. Ethan just started gluing things together. We had to re-explain the rules to him so he understood how long the bridge must be. They stayed up until 9:00pm working on their bridges and were up bright and early doing the same.

I'm excited to get them involved in all the crafts I did when I was a kid. Building rockets, models, potato guns; that's the life.

On a different note, I told my youngest that's she's getting a monkey for her birthday. That's all she talks about. I was on the internet looking at houses on the MLS, and every house she'd ask, "Daddy, where will I put my monkey?" I'm not sure how I'm going to dispel her from the monkey thing. Kids these days need to have less long-term memory!


Anonymous said...

So, Kiley wanted a kitty for her birthday and we got a FurReal one. She loves it! They make a baby Chimpanzee; not a "monkey" per se, but close enough...It might do the trick!


The Hard Road To Kona said...

That's a good idea; I got to get Mia off this monkey thing. She's obsessed! She keeps asking Tanya if she should get a rabbit, a bird or a monkey for her birthday. Tanya responds with anything but the monkey. Mia, immediately follows-up with: "Nope, a monkey!"