Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm Back In Boise!

We got in to Boise about 5:00PM Friday night after 15 hours of driving, 1 speeding ticket, 1 book on tape, 6 DVDs (for the kids), 2 returns back for forgotten items (Tanya's phone and my wallet), and 1 night in SLC. It was an eventful trip. It feels very strange to be back in Boise after being away for a year.

I got pulled over by a Utah highway patrol officer 4 miles before I left the Utah state line going into Idaho. He pulled me over and gave me the "do you know how fast you were going?" routine. I responded candidly because I was otherwise focused on other things than the speed, "No, Officer, I don't know how fast I was going." He proceeded to tell me that I was driving 85MPH in a 75MPH zone. I was 10 MPH over! I thought for sure I was going to get off with a warning based on how close I was to the speed limit and how respectful I was to the officer. He disappeared back to his squad car to return 15 minutes later with a citation. He cut me a break though...he only cited my for being 9 MPH over the speed limit. Thanks!!! UTARD!!

Once we arrived in Boise, we immediately began to see old friends lay claim to our children. Ethan went with his cousins to go camping over night just accross the Idaho border in Oregon. Plans were made for the girls to spend the night at our neighbors, the Quinatoas. Other plans were made and the kids will be elsewhere the other nights as well. Tanya was starving and made the decision that we'd eat at Chuck-O-Rama. If you're not familiar with the restaurant Chuck-O-Rama, you're not missing much. Frankly, I would never eat at this place. It's a buffet style eatery that's focused on quantity rather than quality. What's's expensive. We ended up dropping $55 for marginal food. I was too tired to fight the powers that be to dissuade Tanya from wanting Chuck-O-Rama. She made the promise that she'd drop me off at the hotel afterwards to let me rest while she went out on the town with her friends. Marriages are made of compromises...I took her up on her offer.

This evening I got my bike ready. I had to clean all the bugs off it from nearly 1000 miles of being on top of the car. Now that was a science project! I also got the Bento Bag set up and the wheels ready and primed.

The weather is much warmer than the news was forecasting and consistent with my initial expectations: hot. It's also really muggy. It was in the 70s but felt like the 90s with the humidity. Being from New Mexico where it's high altitude and dry, there's no humidity (except monsoon season in July). Hydration will be a key factor in optimal performance for the race. I'm still very fearful of the extremely cold Lucky Peak Resevoir with its snow melt run-off. I've never swam with an ice cream headache...but Sunday just may be the first time. Oh well...that which doesn't kill me...

I'll check in tomorrow with bib number for online tracking and other details.


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