Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fragmented Disk While Riding The Fingers Ride

Last night I did the Fingers was really windy, but riding through the neighborhoods in the foothills sheltered me a bit. The ride was hard; I wanted to do something hard to carry some intensity for next week. There was 3200 feet of elevation gain of 32 miles of riding.

The interesting part of the ride was my "fragmented disk" of a memory of the ride. There's a very distinct double whoopty-doo section towards the end of the ride that drops a good 75 feet, climbs the same and drops another 75 feet than climbs the same. It's pretty fun to do really fast because you can carry enough speed not to work too hard on the climb back up. Well last night on my ride, I must have done the whoopty-doos and not have remembered them because, for the life of me, I cannot remember doing them. I got to a point in the ride where I told myself, "OK, get ready for the whoopty-doos" only to find out that I had already done them and was already at the next phase of the ride. It completely threw me! There's no other way to progress to the next phase of the ride without passing through the whoopty-doos, so logically, I did them. But, there's no recollection whatsoever! After my ride, I confirmed going over them with my GPS. I've tried to jog my memory, but nothing. It actually kind of scares me. Is this the early signs of Alzheimers?

When I was younger, I can recall a few times driving places, and when I'd try to recollect the details of the drive, there was nothing. The details were gone. I'd scratch my head and say hmmm. And when I was really young, I used to sleep walk...alot. I'd go to bed in my bed and wake up in odd places (i.e. the closet, the couch, the car outside, my parents room, siblings room). The most common place was the closet though (don't read too much into that!). It happened so much that Began to accept it as a reality--no bother.

Once I spent the night at my cousins house. I must have been 6 years old. The next morning, I woke up in a different place. My aunt woke me up very upset. "Justin, call your mom and tell her to come pick you up!" I didn't understand why she was so upset. Mom came, and my aunt told my mother that she caught me peeing in my cousins' closet all over their shoes. She tried to stop me but I screamed like I was totally terrified, which terrified her. She didn't want me to be there anymore. I was amused by the story because I couldn't recollect any of it. It was as though it wasn't me she was talking about, but some stranger.

Well, I think I need to defrag my hard drive soon, or I'm going to have more memory blips!

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