Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Final Week Bofore Ironman Boise

This is the last week of taper before Boise. Tapering work effort is really hard, which is counter-intuitive. You spend months killing yourself getting ready for the big event. Mentally, you're geared up for a high quantity of training, and any fluctuation may result in a loss of fitness. Now, your purposely decreasing your training load to be as prepared for the big event as possible. I can feel my energy level has increased. Now I just want to do it, and get back to my training!

Friday my HED 90mm Jet Clincher rear wheel came in the mail. I put the tire and cassette on it and it's fast!

My training consisted of 12.5 hours total
4.5 hours of swimming/12,000 yards
1 hour yoga
.5 hours of T1 training
6.5 hours of bike/110 miles

After riding on Saturday, I spent 2 hours swimming with the kids--one of the hours was teaching Grace how to swim freestyle. She's quite the swimmer. We started out with kicking drills accross the pool, which she did no problem. Then we worked on stroke mechanics. It was fun.

Monday (Memorial Day) My brother and I took the kids on a mini hike to the Tram house. We rode the tram to the top of the Sandias and had another 1.5 mile hike to the Crest. Afterwards, we were met by Tanya and Dan's wife, Lindsey, and had a big family picnic. I was worried my leg would hurt during the hike. It didn't though. Afterwards, I did some skipping races with Mia that didn't hurt either. I think I might be close to recovered. We'll see Sunday!

I'll post pictures of the activities later.

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