Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bridge Results

Ethan's Bridge-His bridge fell apart 5 minutes before the contest and he was holding it together while a new layer of glue was drying in this picture
Elise's Bridge--if presentation and appearance were factors of the contest, she would have won hands down!
Ethan drew the shortest straw and had to go first. It was a bridge fit for a troll.

Ethan's bridge with 30 pounds. He's got nerves of steel.

An additional 20 pounds for a total of 50 pounds. At this point, it only made sense to put his hands over his ears to avoid the inevitable cracking sound.

Finally, Ethan's bridge failed at 70 pounds, not bad for still having a fresh application of wood glue.

Elise's bridge with 20 pounds. Oh the drama!

Elise's bridge failed at 30 pounds.

Ethan's the winner; he gets the $20. After this, Ethan was bouncing off the wall's with excitement. Stay tuned for the next contest: Tallest Towers!!!

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