Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Art Of Details

These last few days, I've been trying to master all the details before the Boise Ironman. It's been really challenging. I've taken many personality tests in the past (this was once my wife's hobby), and I'm a contingency planner by nature. Perhaps this is why my career has gradually gravitated to financial planning and budgeting.

These are the details I've worked out in event chronology:
Day Before Race:
Early morning spin on bike to get legs supple (1 hour)--High cadence 5-6 45 second bursts. Register for Ironman, spend least amount of time on legs as possible. Go to Lucky Peak Resevoir and swim 400-500 yards to see which is best wetsuit to use. Drop bike off for T1. Go back downtown and drop off T2 stuff (shoes, extra socks, Gels, Shot Blocks, Hat, and water-bottle belt. Go home and watch tv rest of day and drink lots of water. stay off legs. Red sauce pasta dinner with no Coke or chocolate cake (these are for the day after race). Be in bed by 9pm--alarm set for 4:45 AM with back-up wake up call.
Eat bagel with cream cheese and Naked Juice Bluberry Energy 3 hours before race to start to allow full food metabolization by race start. Prerace stretch/yoga. Inhaler for allergy asthma, which I had a lot in Boise; Ibuprofin for shins; Imodium for insurance. Listen to Ipod and visualize race on drive out to Lucky Peak. Breif warm-up in water to overcome cold/anxiety/fears. Don't talk to other atheletes to avoid anxiety. Appologize in advance to Tanya because of morning testyness/nerves.
I have made arraingements for two wetsuits 1)no sleeves (my preferance for free arms while swimming), but if the water is as cold as I've heard (42-50 degrees) I have a long-sleeve wetsuit.
I have two sets of goggles, I have clear pair in which I plan on using because I know Lucky Peak Resevoir is murky, It's been overcast in Boise this last week, and the race will start early before the sun hasn't quite peaked over the mountains. However, I have a dark lens pair (which is more comfortable) just in case it's dark out.
I'll have contacts when I start and an extra set at T1--this is my biggest fear of the race (getting my goggles kicked and losing a contact in the water and spending precious minutes trying to put on contacts in wet windy conditions (I'll need to bring 2-3 towels).
I've spent alot of time practicing this transition. I'm pretty sure it's going to be fairly cold coming out of the water and with cool ambient temp (60 degrees-ish), so I'm going bringing arm warmers and possibly a vest. There's also a possiblity of rain--I secretly would like rain because that would make things challenging for others. My best practiced T1 time (without yanking off my wetsuit) is 1 minute 9 seconds including a 100 yard bike/run. All my food will be on bike in bento bag and water bottle cages. I do plan on bringing aero water bottle just in case!
Push hard right away to get blood flowing to warm up! Try to find rythum as quickly as possible. Don't blow up on climbs. Eat 1 gel as quickly as possible with a shot block every 20 minutes. Drink every 15 minutes rotating between water and gatorade. After 2 hours on bike eat Odwalla bar.
T2: Be prepared to ditch contacts if drying out (packed glasses just in case). Eat a gel.
Run: No more gatorade--cold cold water only! Try to maintain 6:50 mile pace--save a little for last mile. Be prepared to face the demons!

I'm sure there will be some contingency not planned for but I'm hopping with all the forethought I can be ready.

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