Thursday, May 15, 2008

1st Week of Training Block

I have three weeks until the Boise Ironman. It's coming up quick!

Monday, I got up early and swam 4,000 yards. I was feeling a bit under the weather, so I did push any tempo while swimming. I just worked on form and endurance.

At lunch, I decided to run for the first time in a week. My left calf had been killing me, so I gave it time to rest. It was feeling good, so I thought it was time. I ran for an hour and 7MPH. Immediately, when I started, my leg started hurting as bad as it did before I rested. I pushed through and finished my run anyways.

An hour after my run, my under the weather feeling grew to a low-grade fever. I had a slightly high temp and my joints were killing. And, my left calf was really hurting.

I went to bed right after work. I stayed home Tuesday and rested. I iced my leg and did a lot of research at to what was wrong with my leg. I hate going to doctors. I don't trust them. They seem to think they know more about your body than you do. You give suggestions as to what you think is wrong, and they feel like you're insulting them. Besides, I didn't want to pay a $20 co-pay and wait 2 hours to be told to ice my leg and take anti-inflamatories. Thanks, but no thanks!

Based my research, this is what I was able to conclude. I have a mid-calf strain caused by increasing my mileadge too much and running too many hills. This is common with runners who have poor flexibility (that's me). The resolution is to decrease miles and put heel pads in my shoes and more stretching.

This is very frustrating right now because my cycling and swimming are on track for a dramatic improvement. My running should be the same if I can run uninjured. I don't want anything to stop me from doing my best...I hate making excuses for not reaching my potential. At any rate, I am tapering, which will give me more time to recover.

Wednesday, I felt much better after resting the whole day. I swam 4,000 yards (including 20X50 yards tempo @ 50 seconds) in the morning before work. And rode the trainer for 1.5 hours--it was raining outside.

I'm planning on doing my first run today (Thursday) for 30-45 minutes. I'm going to use some heal pads and try to run outside. I'll let you know.

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