Friday, May 2, 2008

1 Month Until Boise IronMan

Well its one month until the Boise IronMan. Gosh, will I be ready? I've been killing myself getting ready. Next week is a recovery week, then I start to taper. Endurance sports aren't like finals when you cram the night before the test. It's actually the opposite! You kill yourself training for it in advance then a few weeks before the event, you taper your training to let your body recovery/build. This is the hardest part for me. If I'm not pushing, I'm not progressing--at least that's what my personal instincts tell me. I think this has lead to my mediocre bike racing results; too much quantity!

This morning was cold getting into the outside pool. After my swim, there was ice on my pull-buoy. In the pool, the water was perfect. I did 2,000 yards tempo effort with another 2,000 warm-up and endurance for a total of 4,000 yards. I'm excited that I'm building up my tempo effort. I'm still not the fastest swimmer, but I can peg the tempo effort and go for a long time.

My schedule calls for an hour of easy running today at lunch, but I think I'm going to bag it and give my leg another day to recover. My left calve is killing me. Rather than popping some ibuprofen and pushing through, I'm going to give it some more time.

Tomorrow's going to be a good training day. I'm planning on doing a triathlon. I'm going to swim in the wetsuit 4000 yards, ride ~90 miles on the tri-bike, and run tempo for an hour. The fun starts 7:00AM at High Point. I'm going to do the same bike route I did last week (see below). Wish me lucky!

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