Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wild Hair

Oh ya, I forgot to mention that I woke this morning and forgot to shave my wild hair because I found myself contemplating entering a 192 mile (300K) road race in no mans land (Grants, New Mexico). I figure it would be a great opportunity to get really intimate with my tri bike and get a taste of 10+ hours of physical activity (IronMan simulation). The course is hardly supported and has 5000 feet of elevation gain. There's no cell phone coverage, so I can't easily call someone to pick me up when I'm done or want to pull the plug. The other risk is doing too much and wanting to spend the next two weeks on the couch. I figure it would be a good adventure though. About a month ago, I rode 135miles...what's ~60 more?

I'll keep you posted as to what I decide.

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