Monday, April 21, 2008

Week Summary

Well, first off, I didn't make my 15,000 yards swimming this week, but it was for a good reason. Saturday morning, I met with the Masters swim coach and had him evaluate my stroke. After making me do a bunch of laps at different intensities, he said I was fast and gave me a few things to work on:
1) Stroke cycle count--I average 10-12 stroke cycles per length. I need to bring this down to 8.5 (i.e. more pull buoy work).
2) I kick too much. I think this is a function of coming from a cycling background. (i.e. more pull buoy work)
3) When I lift my head to breath, I bring my non-breathing side arm past the center plain. He said this is a very common issue that even he struggles with. His recommendation was more pull work. OK, I get the message. Honestly, I never use a pull buoy because my tri book told me not to.

My cycling this week has been off because I can't use my contacts. I have another appointment with the Optomologist to determine if I'm a candidate for Lasik. In the meantime I can't wear my contacts. Riding my tri bike without contacts is next to impossible unless it's on the trainer. So, Saturday I spent 3 hours on the trainer doing the long Troy Jacobson video. I actually wasn't the bad.

This weekend was also very tough for training because there were a lot of social gatherings. Friday night was my wife's sister's birthday party. Saturday, I sandwiched an MBA seminar between my swim session and my bike trainer session. Saturday evening I went with my wife to her friend's birthday party. We were out late. I didn't get to bed to 1AM. Sunday, my brother-in-law blessed his baby then we had a family gathering afterwards. Later, that evening, we had Passover dinner with some friends. I scheduled two workouts this day, but was only able to do one. I was a bit bugged about missing my workout, but, at the same time, I'm really tired and probably need to rest.

Week's Summary 17.5 hours
Swimming: 13,000 yards/ 6 hours
Running: 42 miles/ 5.75 hours
Cycling: 100 miles/5.75 hours (weak!)

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