Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Tri Guy Please Stand Up!

Well, as of yesterday, I've officially started training as a triathlete rather than a cyclist/triathlete. I've been holding back the running a bit to maintain the bike legs as best as possible for road races. But, now that the local races head uphill, it's time to make the transition. As outlined in my last posting, I can't climb like I should and run. I've got to start running to get ready for Boise. So, it's one or the other. I really want to have a good showing at Boise, so it's time to make the transition.

I've started using the training methodology outlined in Daniels' Running Formula book. Yesterday I ran an easy 7 miles at lunch, and today I did intervals, which gave me 7.6 miles for an hour run during lunch. Last night I swam outside in the Highpoint pool. It was cold and it felt great. After a week of resting from the swim, it felt really good. I swam 4,000 yards in an hour-and-a-half. I did a lot of different drills. One drill I'm going to start focusing on is breathing on the other side. I am so slow breathing on my non-natural side, which happens to be my right side. I swam 250 like this yesterday, and I was really slow.

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Nikee Pomper said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement on my blog. Keep up the hard training, you are going to kill it at AZ