Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Third Week Is The Longest!

I'm on my third week of my training block and I'm trying to punch in 20+ hours. I'm well on my way. But, gosh, I'm tired and I can't seem to eat enough. If your planning on doing an IronMan, set money aside to expand your grocery budget. People comment on the size of the lunches I bring to work.

I've really starting to pick up the running mileage. I've run three times so far this week and have 2 more runs scheduled (including my long run). My swimming is still at 15K yards a week. But, I'm worried my speed isn't really picking up. I probably need to start swimming with the Masters, but getting up at 5AM just doesn't seem like fun. I'm almost there now. I get up at 5:45AM now, but that extra 45 minutes is a killer. We'll see.

On a cycling note, I got my aero helmet the other day. It looks crazy. Tanya says it looks weird. I agree, but I'll do what I must to trim the time down. My next race(s) is a stage race in El Paso next weekend. The first day (Saturday) is an uphill TT and a crit. The second day is an 88 mile road race that has a significant hill you climb twice (one per loop--two loops). I'm not too excited about the hill but I figure the distance will neutralize the hill. People won't want to go too hard early up the hill and burn their matches only to fade later on. Then again, someone could go early, and we'll never see them again.

After El Paso, I'm going to lay low on the road racing front (I still plan on doing Galesteo, but the Gila's out). I need to spend some quality time running. This is the area I have most potential to decrease time in. I may throw in a duathlon just for the raw experience.

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Kyle said...

Where's the new helmet photos?!