Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rest Week

It's been rest week and I'm still struggling. I think I put myself in a hole that's been hard to get out of. Last week's summary is as follows:
Total Hours 21
Bike: 162 miles @ 9.75 hours
Run: 34 miles @ 4.75 hours
Swim: 15,100 yards @5.5 hours
Yoga: 1 Hour

I have a stage race in El Paso at the end of the week, so I'm trying to recover for that. After that, I'm officially going to start training for Boise in earnest and no longer balance on the fence with my road racing.

Work has been really hectic, which is perfect timing to coincide with my recovery week. I can work later and not worry about it interupting my training.

I need to go, but I'll post pictures from my race in El Paso.

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