Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Can't Stop Eating!

I don't know what's going on, but I can't stop eating. It's all I think about too. This evening when I was swimming, all I thought about was food. I kept thinking about how much better Coke from a plastic bottle tastes better than from a can. This is something people have disputed before man came to be! From 0 yards to 999 yards, I built a compelling case against canned Coke.

At lunch, I ate the lunch buffet at the Taj Mahal with Silvio and was disappointed the traditional chicken curry wasn't there. That occupied my mind from 1000 yards to 2000 yards. The chicken curry today had bell peppers. I hate bell peppers almost as much as I hate shrimp and asparagas.

I'll bet you know what I thought about for the remaining 2000 yards...yep...chocolate!

After my swim, I stopped at the grocery store and bought Coke in a plastic bottle, chocolate lovers cookies, yougart, bread, and skim milk.

When I was younger, I don't think I spent any time thinking about food. I ate what was on my plate. Now, it's my obsession. The other day I caught myself telling my wife I'd rather go to dinner than to a movie for date night. Now that's strange. I'm a movie freak.

Honestly, I think its my body telling me I need to eat more or at least healthy if I'm going to continue training in the same volume.

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