Thursday, April 24, 2008

Busy Work Week

This week has been really busy at work. Let me give you the details of just one event among many:

About 10 days ago, my boss calls me and asks me if I'd like to do a "special" project. What could say, "No"...I don't think so. So, I consented. She told me I'd get the details later via emai. OK...that was cryptic.

Later that day, sure enough, an email comes from the SVP of the utility telling all the VPs in the company I'd be gathering monthly cash flow data for capital reductions. The email said I'd have it done in a week. DOH!

So for the rest of the week, I killed myself meeting with all these project managers, telling them their dollars were being cut and mollified thier anxieties as best as I could. There were nearly 75 specific jobs. Many of these jobs were in Texas.

At weeks end, I got the project done and reviewed it with my boss and her boss. They were happy with the work, and they assured me they'd take it from there. I was happy; job done. As if...

The next day, my boss tells me to schedule a meeting with the SVP and all the VPs, and, of course, include her and her boss. The next day rolls around and I prepared all the material for the meeting and went to my boss's office in which she informs me she can't make the meeting nor can her boss. I was told I had to go it alone. At this point, I was really glad I doubled up on the deodorant otherwise I would have looked like Chris Farley in Mexican sauna.

I went to the meeting, and the SVP informs me, "it's your show." There's nothing like meeting with my superiors and telling them they have to give up their hard earned capital dollars. Fortunately, I'd done my due diligence up front and there were no surprises for anyone. Things went smoothly. At the end of the day, the VPs consented to giving up $20M--give or take.

The next day, I was meeting with the same SVP on a different matter, and he called me the Capital Cut Guy. I'm not sure that's a nickname I want to retain. Soon it'll evolve to "hatchet man" or "axe man". Next it'll be doing gigs at companies ripe for "downsizing", if you know what I mean.

Other than that, training has been fairly standard. I'm on course for another 20 hour week. I'm thinking about doing a duathlon on Sunday in Los Alamos. "What's a duathlon?" you ask. It's an event event where you run-bike-run. This particular event is run 6 miles, ride ~35 miles, and run 3 miles. The bike course has a pretty good climb, so I'm not sure which bike to use: road or tri. I'm going to bring both and see what everyone else uses. These are the same roads used during the Tour of Los Alamos, only the opposite direction starting from White Rock. My body will be pretty spent by Sunday, but this will be a great brick workout. I'll keep you posted.

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