Sunday, March 23, 2008

Week's Wrap Up

I'm tired out of my head! I got up at 6:00 AM to swam. Tanya didn't warn me that the pool didn't open until so I caught a quick nap in the parking lot while I waited. I was able to squeeze in 2750 yards before I had to get home and get ready for church.

We were on time to church for the first time--ever! Today's Easter Sunday. I'll talk a bit more about the family events in my next post. But, it was really fun and the kids got to spend quality time with their cousins and had an Easter dinner and Easter egg hunt. They had a blast!

After church I rode the trainer for an hour-and-a-half and did big gear strength building stuff. I

In total I had 19.5 hours:
5.5 hours swimming/14,750 yards. I'm really disappointed I didn't reach my 15K weekly goal
2.5 hours running/18.22 miles--I'm gradually increasing
1 hour yoga
10.5 hours bike/190 miles
I think I did fairly good considering I lost a day to make the trip to Utah.

There's a road race scheduled next week, and I need to decide whether to do it and recover a bit (decrease in training quantity) or push through. There is an opportunity for a 200K bike ride for the same day. We'll see.

I have a big presentation I need to get ready for for tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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