Monday, March 3, 2008

Sunday's Activities and Week Summary

Albuquerque's weather during this time of year is so variable. Saturday the weather was in the 60's and warm. My face showed a little sun. Sunday's weather was so cold and windy, I had to wear my entire winter getup. It also snowed in the evening. I don't get it!

The day started out with church. Then we came home. I jumped on the treadmill because I wasn't too excited to go outside in the cold. I ran for 30 minutes and felt really good. I think my running legs are starting to come back. I'm not going to push it for the month of March and just do 3 runs at 30 minutes each a week. I don't want to fatigue my legs for the road races, but I also want them to be ready to put on the miles after the Gila. I'll only have a month to build after the Gila for the Boise half-iron man. Hope it's enough.

After running, I kept putting off riding and played video games for awhile with Ethan. Finally Tanya yelled at me to go and ride or I wouldn't end up riding and be grumpy afterwards. She was right, and I went.

Due to being tired, I vowed to ride in zone 2-3 and not let my heart rate exceed 145 BPM. Also due to the looming clouds overhead threatening rain at any possible moment, I decided to stay close, which, ultimately lead to me riding the fingers. Here's the GPS of my ride: All fingers including La Luz!

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The ride lasted nearly 3 hours, consisted of 4000 feet of elevation gain, and 41 miles. I was able to keep my average HR at 127, which is quite a feat considering the incline grade going up La Luz.

Week Summary:
I trained this week for 19 hours
Swim 5:45 hours/ 15,400 yards
Run 1:45 hours/ 11 miles
Yoga 1
Bike 10:30/160 miles

Next week I need to scale back my training to be fresh for my race(s) in Las Cruces/Hillsboro. This will require tale 3 days of swimming and 2 runs rather than my 4/3, respectively. I'll need to have 2 recovery days and lots of sleep. I don't want to go to the race feeling mentally/physically tired because this is a fairly competitive and challenging race. I'll keep you posted.

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