Sunday, March 2, 2008

Special K (Vitamin K) Day

Well Saturday started out well enough. Early morning swim of 3000 yards to complete my 15000 yard week. Group ride at 9:00Am. The day was good and the temp was the warmest yet of the year reaching the 60's. After that, things started to go down hill!

OUr group ride was very stop-and-go, which makes getting a good tempo ride in impossible. I started to realize my legs were just tired. I think it's just an accumulation of all the last few weeks of training volume. There was no snap, and mentally I was exhausted. So, I decided to bag my race tomorrow. Crit's tend to be short and intense. I don't want to dig myself too deep before the season really gets started. So, no sense on blowing the money and energy on a low-low priority race.

During our group ride, a novice rider took out Jane Gagne--a highly experienced rider with lots of racing years under her belt. It looked really bad. Bad enough that she couldn't continue the ride and had to be helped into her ride. After that, I broke away and came home myself.

I met up with the family at the gym. Tanya just got done doing a double. The kids were getting ready to go to a big birthday party at the gym. So, after a quick bite to eat with Tanya, I went home and started to take care of the small things that get neglected at home.

I cleaned the dog poop in the backyard. You can imagine there's alot for a mastiff. I did the laundry. I cleaned the bunny cage. I replaced a free wheel hub on my 404 Zipp wheelset to make it compatible with my new SRAM/Shimano set up. I put the cleats on my new cycling shoes I got for my birthday last October--they've been sitting in my closet waiting for the new season.

My last chore turned out to be a bad one. We have lots of mice in our backyard that have dug under our foundation and under our bathtub. At night, we sometimes can hear them moving around. I've diligently set mouse traps at night, which is really time consuming and gruesome. However, the mouse still keep coming. We're worried that the mice will find a way into the house; this is why we're putting so much energy in trying to eradicate them.

Anyways, we decided to buy poison. We figured this would be more effective and less of a gruesome task afterwards. I was very careful to put the poison deep in the mouse holes and cover them with big rocks so Shane wouldn't be able to get to them. Well, he got to them and ate all the poison. Stupid dog!

Afer freaking out and doing some research with the web, we found out the poison is an anti-coagulant that makes the mice/rats bleed to death. We also found out the volume of poison Shayne consumed doesn't meet the toxicity level that would be deemed fatal. However, dogs respond differently to the poison, and the symptoms of the poison, generally, do not manifest themselves until 3-5 days after consumption. Vets generally provide pets vitamin K to negate the impact of the anti-coagulant. After going to Walmart and Walgreens, I was able to find some Vitamin K at Whole Foods. Shane will be taking 2 tablets of 25mgs every day for the next week in his peanut butter biscuits, which should avert any problems.

Afterwards, I met Tanya at her sister's house to celebrate her 30th birthday.

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Kyle said...

You may want to stick with traps because mice that curl up and die deep under the house can be a smelly problem for months....