Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday's Brick

Today, I decided to sleep in and start my ride later rather than earlier. That ended up being around 11:00ish. I rode my tri bike to Algadones and back. On the way out I maxed out the credit card pushing as hard a pace as possible in the tailwind. I wanted to make paying back the credit card as hard as possible. There were times on the way out, I was pushing the 53X11 and blazing. I can't tell you my speed because I've retired the GPS--it's been acting up again! Anyways, when I turned back into the headwind to return Albuquerque, I pushed the big gear all the way back. My bike is really comfortable and I was able to stay in the aero position the whole time. My total ride time was 3 hours. On the way bike I climbed Tramway in the big gear and later did two 5 minute big gear climbs up Ellena as well. I need to really work on my big gear strenght so I can maintain a fast pace over a long distance (e.g. 112 miles). Immediately following my ride a quickly transitioned into my running gear and ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes. I was really excited because I was able to set the pace at 7.5 MPH and it felt really good. This is the first time since the marathon that I was able run a solid pace. The legs are coming back.

About a half-hour after my workout, it really hit me. And, I was tired. We had some family in town (brother-in-law and family) from Alamogordo, so we had a family barbecue. I was knackered for the rest of the day.

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