Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pre Race Prep

On Tuesday and Wednesday I logged at out 4.5 hours each day. I swam 1.5 hours each morning, ran an hour at lunch both days in rode the bike after work. Tuesday's ride was intense hill climbing intervals and Wednesday was just easy spinning on the TT bike.

I took Thursday off to recover, which was very nice.

Friday I did my traditional pre-race ride on the rollers for an hour. I felt much better at this point.

The thing that's taking the biggest toll on me in terms of training is getting up early and swimming before work. What makes it especially hard is slamming 2 days together early in the week to allow recovery time for my race. After a couple of days of normal sleep, I feel great.

Saturday's race is in Belen on a fairly flat course with one hill. I have the option of racing with the Cat. 1/2's or with the Masters 35+. I figure I'll mix it up a bit and race with the big boys.

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