Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The New Way To Shop For Cars

This morning Tanya bought herself a car. The Plymouth Voyager is nearing its life's end. And, Danny-Boy told me any man who buys/drives a minivan is automatically emasculated.

We've been looking for a good deal on a Honda Pilot and we came across Forrest Motors out of Orem, Utah, that sells Honda Pilots and Odysseys exclusively. They buy at auctions and sell at a reasonable margin. They blow out the cars. Tanya had one car she was ready to pull the trigger on and it was sold before she could call the dealer. They sell 6 cars a day--that's good if you only deal in a few models.

Anyways, they publish an inventory list. If there's a car you want, you contact them and they'll post a video of it on YouTube. If you like it, you put a deposit down on it. I'm certain this is the best deal we could have gotten on the car we wanted. We ended up paying $6000 less than the Kelly Blue Book Value: Cha-Ching! I'm flying out to Utah sometime next week to pick it up and driving home the same day. If I could, I'd send Tanya so she visit her friends and get the maiden voyage on her new auto. Here's the video:

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Daniel said...

Honestly, the mini-van emasculation is the bottom of your concerns my man - many more concerns to deal with...ha ha ha! But I suppose a Pilot can't hurt the situation.