Friday, March 7, 2008

First Race Of The Season Anxiety

Currenty, I'm feeling the first-race-of-the season anxiety. Every year after training through winter, you spend hours discussing the next season. You speculate on who's strong and who's not. You're hopeful the "new" training methodology/approach you're using will yeild some positive results. Then, on the dawn of the first race, all that pent up anticipation manifests itself as anxiety. It's feels almost akin to making a public presentation to a large group of strangers.

There's all these little tasks that need to be done, that also add to the anxiety:
-USCF registration (Racing organizers that provide your annual license)
-Race registration
-Checking your bike's mechanical integrity
-Making sure you have all your race food/nutrition
-Making sure your wheelsets are up to par
-Coordinating logistics with team mates
-Registration for hotel
-Packing for your trip (including all contingencies for inclement weather)
-Prerace activities (eating right, resting, prerace ride, stretching)
-Shaving legs (this gives me the most anxiety because it takes so long and its benefits are very marginal)
-Sleeping well

Well, I've done a good job in scaling back my training this week in preparation for the racing weekend. Today, I'm feeling really saucy, which means my legs are ready! Last night I rode my TT bike on the trainer for the first time. I felt really good and comfortable. My first real ride on it will be in a race (TT on Saturday in Las Cruces). Most people would say this isn't a good idea. I'd agree, if this race meant alot to me, but I figure it'll be a good baseline of performance for me to compare against in the future. I'm really more excited about the Hillsboro road race on Sunday. The competition is stiff and the terrain offers rolling climbs, long climbs, and lots of wind. I'm going to bring a camera and post pictures when I get back.


skoshi said...

I saw your comment on GG's blog, took a look at you because you mentioned ABQ, then saw your link to the Boise half IM. Are you planning on doing Boise?
BTW--best to you for Hillsborough this weekend.

Kyle said...

Let me know when your racing close by next time, we could go out to cheer you on.

The Hard Road To Kona said...

Hi skoshi, I am planning on doing Boise Half IM. I just moved from there last June, so it'll be a bit of a home coming. If you have questions, I'm fairly familiar with Boise.