Sunday, March 9, 2008

Day 1 TT

6:30 AM car packing with a 7:00 AM departure Maybe they're filming The Hills Have Eyes III here?

Just before the TT start time. Silvio let me use his disk wheel in the back.
Here's me after the TT cooling down
The Results:
I finished the 20K TT in 30:49. This averages 25MPH. I was very pleased with the results considering this was the first time riding my bike, first time wearing my new shoes, first time riding a disk.

The course was an out-and-back ride in West Las Cruces off Airport road. We started off with a stiff headwind. There were cars on the road--big cars. I tried to stay as close to the white line as possible, but the wind would catch the disk and push me around like a kite. It was a bit unnerving. At the turn around, my GPS stopped working. I pushed the biggest gear I had into the tailwind. I was riding the standard 53X11, but I could have gotten away with something a bit bigger at times. When I was done I was trashed and clueless as to my final time. I passed my 30 second and my 1 minute leads, so I was happy I wasn't last. Before the bike computer died, my average heart rate was 175.

The bike felt amazingly comfortable and I'm excited for my IronMan. Between now and then, I need to build leg strength while in the TT position. It would be cool to post one of the fast bike splits in IMAZ.

More Later on the road race.

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