Monday, March 17, 2008

Boise IronMan Bike Course

Today I got my hands on the Boise IronMan bike course. I'm not impressed! Of all the areas in Boise to ride, they chose the hot, exposed southern part of the city near the prision with some big climbs and lots of chip seal roads. People don't realize that Boise in the summer is really hot. Don't be suprised if it's in the upper 90's. If I had my choice, the route would have went through town on Warm Springs road down Harrison (to get a flavor of Boise's historic districts) down Hill road all the way to Eagle up Beacon Light Road or Floating Feather to Star and back. That's a flat route; it has minimal chip seal, it has some areas to pass through the shade. It's much more scenic. It would have given the community more opportunity to get involved in and witness the IronMan.

I pulled the map off the Georges Bicycle's website, which is very involved in the cycling community and puts on almost all races in the Boise area. Also, almost all the races they put on are in this same area (southern Boise). This is also where the Tuesday night rides occur during the early part of the year until it shifts to Bogus Basin hill climbs. So, I'm guessing George's had a hand in selecting the route. I like George's; it's a great bike shop. Mike Cooley has been nice to me.

Given the bike route, these are the things I'm hoping: they've blocked off the roads--especially Gowan and Pleasant Valley road. I hope people plan on goat heads--this is the area to get them. I also hope people work on thier TT descending skills coming down Pleasant Valley on the return trip because you've got a good mile of fast descending. I also hope people hydrate well because it's going to be toasty.

I was also able to do a little sleuthing and see how my local Boise competition is doing. They had a TT there this weekend, and one of my prime competitors was at the TT. He's my former next door neighbor; he's a former Kona competitor/navy seal. He's been out of the game for a bit but I'm certain he's primed and ready to pull out the stops for Boise's first IronMan. I honestly don't think I have much of chance against this guy because he can run like the wind. He's turned out a 2:30 marathon. At any rate, it's good to start getting geared up for Boise. This will be my first tri since my inagural in Oklahoma last September and I think I've improved a lot since then.


Anonymous said...

just rode the bike course this weekend. it's not as bad as you describe.
the lake however is a different story, lucky peak is about 30' low right now. they lowered it to make room for the snowmelt. it will be very cold come june 1.
the run will be easy as the course runs right along the boise river. i ran one loop of it this past weekend and it was a fairly flat course. if it's hot, hydrate hydrate hydrate..

Anonymous said...

It'll be HOT, really. they shortened the length to 12 miles cause it was too cold!! actually once they were in to the bike portion it was in the 50's and they have the nerve to call it ironman