Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What's In The Box?

This is my new Litespeed Saber. It's stock, which isn't bad. But, like AMC does to Mercedes or Shelby Cobra does to the Mustang, I'm going to push the wattage on this bad boy. The following are some of the things I'm swapping:
Dura-Ace drive trane and brakes for the Ultegra
Oval Concepts carbon aero bars for the Vision Tech alluminum
FSA Carbon Crankset instead of the Ultegra
Zipp 404s rather than Real Design aero wheelset
Easton EC90 Carbon Aero forks rather than the Real Design forks
I'm going to make it Garmin GPS compatible

The objective of this bike is a nice comfortable aero position that will get me through 112 miles of riding as fresh as possible for the remaining marathon. It'll take some tweaking to get the position just right. The aero bars I bought allow for the most adjustment. The titanium frame and plush carbon fork will absorb lots of road shock. The carbon wheelset will cut through the wind with minimal effort. I've put alot of thought and planning into this bike. I've read that the bike is the most important piece of equipment for the IronMan.

Now, surprisingly, I'm not always excited about getting a new bike. I realize with a new bike comes a renewed commitment to the goal. Sure, I enjoy training and riding, but there are days I'd rather veg out in front of the TV and take it easy. I've had to forego eating pork reins and vinegar for years now! But, if my family has made the sacrifice for me to have this bike, I sure as heck better follow through!

I can recall once after a mountain bike race I did a few years ago when a guy was totally mystified that he didn't win the race after investing in a $5,000 bike. His wife was visibly upset too; it was obvious her husband lead her to believe that this expensive bike was the difference between winning and losing. Well he wasn't even close to winning.

I don't pretend to think the bike will make me fast. It's the time and training that makes me fast. The bike is just the tool. And, it helps to show up to the job with the right tool!

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Ky said...

Dude- Sweet bike! Good luck.