Sunday, February 24, 2008

Week's Summary

Well it's Sunday night and I'm feeling really wasted after a busy week.

Friday morning, I got up and swam 4,000 yards and did one of my harder swimming workouts. The workout calls for (after 2000 yards of warm up sets) 4 sets of the following: one 200 yard interval @ 2:20, two 100 yard interval @ 1:10 each, and two 50 yard intervals @ :35. Basically, this is 20 lengths at an all out sprint X 4. Well, I made the times on the first set, fell off pace by 5-10 seconds per 50 on the second set, and stopped following my times on the third. I bailed on the 4th set. Last time I did this, I only made it through 2 sets, so there's some upside.

Later that day, I dropped my mom off at the airport for her to fly by to Georgia. It was a really busy day at work.

Saturday started out per usual. Early morning swim starting at 7:00 AM. I chose not to go to Del Norte because I'm tired of fighting for a lane. I went to Midtown, and there were a couple of lanes open for to chose from. I swam 3,000 yards. Today was a milestone for me because I was able to substantially complete all 4 swim workouts following my Masters workouts.

Right after swimming, it was off to the team ride. The weather was warmer with wind. It made it really hard to figure out what to wear. The group started out fairly big, and we made our traditional ride to the north. We were joined by some new people. Soon enough, the ride turned out to be an all out drag race. It was brutal! We didn't rest; we didn't regroup, there was plenty of wheel sucking and gutterball activity. We went from a group of nearly 25 to just about 5 of us. Every time I'd look at my heart rate monitor I saw numbers in the 170s. Finally on the way back from San Felipe close to Algodones, I said enough's enough and let the group go. I had an early morning swimming interval set and now I'm pushing zone 5 (highest zone). It was too much. I was able to recover after a bit of riding, and starting picking up others who dropped off later than me. They were completely spent. I put in a good effort and climbed tramway and came home.

Sunday started out with church; then I met one of the guys in the group from yesterday's ride and we rode at an easy aerobic pace to recover. He said he looked at the power data from the prior day's ride and realized it was harder than the Valley of the Sun stage race he competed in the prior week. That's hard!

The ride lasted 3.5 hours (an hour more than I was planning). I came home and put together a brick and quickly transitioned into my running gear and ran 30 minutes on the treadmill. It feels so good to be running again!

This week I trained for 18 hours
I ran 9.42 miles for 1.5 hours
I swam 15,000 yards for 5.75 hours
I rode 165 miles 9.75 hours
I did yoga for 1 hour
I suffered a bit this week on the bike because I spent so little time during recovery week on the bike. This next week I'll up my running mileage. And, I'm going to be doing at least 1 day of the Lobo Classic road race. If the TT bike is ready, I'll do both. We'll see.

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