Friday, February 8, 2008


I bailed on Yoga again. A co-worker who did attend called me and told me I made the right choice. She said there was lots of partnering including some strange double-decker downward facing dog. Wow, I can deal with tight hamstrings a little longer.

After work, I met Tanya and the kids at McDonalds--I picked up some Zesty Chicken Bowls from Taco Bell for Tanya and I. She just got done lifting weights. The kids got happy meals; it's too bad these don't bring lasting happiness though. After our family dinner roundezvous, Tanya took the kids to piano, and I went home to do my 3 hour Troy Jacobson spin video. This took me to 10:30 at night, well after the kids were in bed asleep. I was able to clean up, pack up for tomorrow's swim, and gorge on some german chocolate cake before 11:00 pm. Why won't anyone else kill this thing (german chocolate cake). Who really wants the dubious honor of eating an entire cake by themselves? There's only one person..."Hey, Hey, Hey!"

Friday began with a 6:30 AM swim of 4,500 yards. I'm making all my Master's lap splits, but only by the skin on my teeth. All the grey panthers I share the pool with must wonder what my hurry is. I'm like a whack-a-mole. As soon as I poke my head out of the water and check the time, I'm back in for the next interval.

After my swim workout, I spent the day with a Red Bull intervenious drip just to get by. It's noon and I want to go to sleep. Thank goodness for mutable conference calls.

Tonight, Ethan's jubilee birthday celebration will include a slumber party; we get to host 9 boys at our house. I have an early 1.5 hour swim and a 5 hour bike ride planned for tomorrow. This should be interesting. Tanya and I are taking shifts on this one. I get the drop off/meet parents tonight and she gets the pick up/farwell children tomorrow. I hope none of the parents object to their kids watching 4 hours of Lord of the Rings; if so, the kids are drinking Red Bull just before they get picked up tomorrow! What's more, we have to peanut proof our house because one of the kids is deathly allergic and purchase some pull-ups--just in case. I'm guessing I'll be needing the pull ups.

Hasta manana!

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