Sunday, February 3, 2008


I took Thursday off from swimming and was planning to break out of work early to ride 3 hours. Well the weather was miserable. It was in the 30s, overcast, with a cutting cold wind. One thing I didn't miss about Albuquerque while in Boise was the wind. I've had enough of the wind. I can't think of a day this winter when the wind wasn't either at my back or in my face.

Anyways, I decided to ride my trainer inside and do my 3 hour Troy Jacobson DVD (see picture for DVD cover). This is a video in which an instructor barks various cycling intervals over the duration of 3 hours. If done properly, you can get a really good workout. It's like doing a spin class only on your own bike in the trainer. I have a bunch of these videos and I do these from time-to-time to get a specific workout. They even have these for treadmill use!
I did this DVD and I think my heart rate was an average of 160-165 or zone 4 for me. I was a really hard workout. When I got done, I just packed my stuff for the next day and went to bed. I think this is probably the hardest workout on the bike of done yet this year.
Team Astana (A Kazakastanian backed cycling team that includes riders of the caliber of Alberto Contador (won 2008 Tour de France), Levi Leipenhiemer (3rd 2008 Tour de France), Andreas Kloden (2nd 2006 Tour de France), and many other riders are here in Albuquerque for a training camp. Tonight for $25, you can meet the team. I totally spaced it after my workout. Oh well.
Friday I woke up and swam 3,750 yards in 1.5 hours. Today's focus was my endurance set. Among other things, I swam 50 lengths of the pool without stopping--I'm half-way to my 100 laps goal. It was a good workout.
After work, I met Tanya and the kids at the gym. She was in her aerobics classes, so I grabbed the 2 oldest kids (Elise and Ethan), and we played around in the raquetball courts. We just hit the ball around for an hour or so. I wasn't able to get around too quickly with my leg, but it was fun nonetheless. Ethan was really into sacrificing his body to hit the ball, and Elise was trying to figure out how to hold the raquet. Afterwards, we went home and got ready for Saturday.

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