Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sunday/Monday/Week Summary

Sunday started with morning church at 9:00am. Afterwards, I rode for 3 hours around the city on my PowerCranks. It seems everytime I ride my PowerCranks, I convince myself I want to get rid of them. I've had these for a few years now, and I really question how much I'm getting from them in terms of muscle building, pedal stroke development, etc. I read on thier website that they are also supposed to help with running. I'll give them a little more time, I guess.

I was really eager to get this workout over because tomorrow is a rest day. I've really been looking forward to a rest day. The weather was cold and overcast. These are the workouts you really have to be committed to because I just want to be at home on the couch hanging out with the kids.

Just as I got to Tramway and Central, I saw two Astana riders returning from the canyon. One was Levi Leipenheimer and I didn't recognize the other. I thought it was strange to be so close to someone that I read about in cycling news on a regular basis. Other than his kit, Levi looked like anyone else on a bike on training ride.

After my ride, we hung out with my little brother's family and watched the SuperBowl. I'm not a huge NFL fan (more partial to college football), but it was a good game. We didn't cook brauts this year--one of my favorite meals. I guess you have to sacrifice to be in Kona. I'll have a braut the day after Kona though!

The weeks totals are as follows:
18 hours training
5.5 hours swimming/13,750 yards
11 hours on bike/~200 miles
.5 hours running/3.5 miles
1 hour yoga

Monday was a rest day and I didn't get up early to swim. Yes! After work we took the kids swimming. I've been teaching Elise how to swim freestyle. I got to throw Ethan and Grace around in the water. Mia was in and out of the hot tube. As we were swimming it was snowing. This, perhaps, is the most snow we've seen so far this winter. It wasn't too bad. My next rest day will be next Monday, which will also be my recovery week. Until then, I'm trying to log 20 hours of training. With me luck.


Dave said...

I have to say you're a dedicated man. It tires me out just to catch up on your posts... Sounds like your training is going well. I check the blog every once in a while and it's cool to see that you're still at it. It almost makes me want to exercise, but Lost is on so maybe not...

Anonymous said...

Well it is official, your site has been blocked by the Holloman AFB internet screening crew... There goes my lunchtime entertainment :( Now I have use dialup at home. Keep up the hard work!