Sunday, February 3, 2008


I got up a 6:30 and was in the pool by 7:30. I swam for an hour, which included 5X50 yard sprints with 20 second rests--Ouch! I'm looking forward to a couple days out of the pool after this workout. I wanted to swim for 1.5 hours but couldn't drag myself out of bed.

After swimming, I changed into some of my cycling clothes and waved to Tanya who was in an over-crowded aerobics class. From what she says, depending on the instructor, it is really competitive to get into these classes. The room was huge, nearly the size of a basketball court. And, there were easily 50 people in there.

I then jumped into my car, crammed some food in my mouth, and drove to the team ride meeting place. I got there with 10-15 mintues to spare and I finished getting dressed. There were about 15 of us and we rode north. And, Yes, there was a headwind, again! Instead of going to Algodones, we went west at Bernallilo and rode to the Armory, which in the middle of no where. After snaking through back roads in Rio Rancho, the team ride ended at the traditinal Satelite Coffee on Alameda. This was only about 2.5 hours and ~40 miles, much shorter than my daily goal. So, I left the team and continued south and circled around the city. I was able to stretch my ride to 4.5 hours and 75 miles. Toward the end, I was feeling it. I don't think I fully recovered from Thursday's ride. While on Tramway, I saw some of the Astana riders along with another team training here.

When I got home I was trashed. Appearantly so was Tanya, she was already taking a nap. I ate something, got cleaned up, and took a brief nap as well. Afterwards, we went out running errands, which ended with a great family dinner at Nothing But Noodles. Tanay and I even indulged and shared a slice of chocolate cake afterwards, while the kids picked cotton candy--bad trade-off!

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