Sunday, February 17, 2008

Recovery Week Recap

Well, recovery week is over and it's time to start putting on the miles again. This last week, I swam 4.5 hours, rode my bike 2.5 hours (way too little), did an hour of yoga, and ran for 30 minitues for a total of 8.5 hours. Most importantly, I used the down time to recharge my batteries, eat lots of bad food, and catch up with family and friends, and get pumped for my next training block. As you might have noted, I ran for the first time in awhile--pain free too. It'll be nice to add the third dimension to the tri training again. Saturday the weather was really bad, so I did a mini brick workout in which I swam for 1.5 hours and immediately jumped on the the treadmill. I was a bit tentative during the run because I didn't want to aggrevate my leg again. It was a good workout and I'll start adding some more run time as my confidence and comfort build.

I'm not sure if anyone watched TV on Saturday but NBC put on an encore presentation of the 2007 Kona IronMan. I watched it and was really motivated. The one thing that really struck me was the training time the pros put in. Their traning time averaged from 25 hours a week all the way up to 40 hours. That's a lot of time! I think I can push the 20 hours mark now that I'm able to run, but anymore than that and my wife is going to send me packing with my dog.

My mother's in town visiting from Atlanta, Georgia. She's been working out with Tanya. On Saturday, they did a double, back-to-back high-impact step class. Tomorrow, they plan on pulling another double. It's been good for the kids to catch up with their grandma (in between workouts); it's been a couple of years since they last saw her.

Another newsworthy note, my little bro's wife had their baby Saturday night (Tanya was there, of course). The baby was 8lbs 11 ounces. That's a big baby! The baby's name is Wade Matthew; Dan (my little bro) says it's after me. I think he's just trying to soften me up so I'll go easy on him during the Redman 1/2 IronMan. I'll give him T1 and T2 but he's going to have to earn the rest!

Tonight my Moms beat me at Scrabble. GIRL, NO YOU DI'NT! That won't do! I guess I need to bring my A game when playing a former journalist. I was a bit soft and let her get away with some questionable words. Next time, I'll use the dictionary liberally. Mom or not, she's going to feel the full wrath of Khan!

Next week calls for 16 hours of hard labor with the Swim-bike-run business. I don't know how much more chlorine my hair can handle though. It already feels like an artificial Christmas tree. Tanya said I should just shave it, but it's hard to come-off well in a professional setting when you're sporting a bulbous cranium.

Well, I'm in the process of starting a new project: Pimp my tri bike. I'm going to start with a stock litespeed Saber and turn it into a mean street brawler worthy of its own spot on MTV. I'll post pictures soon.

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