Friday, February 29, 2008

The Game Cube!

Ethan's been saving his money over the last year. Not necessarily for anything in particular. Just saving his money. I think the kid's going to grow up and be an accountant. Anyways, he's developed this proclivity for playing video games. This is something his mother and I disdain. We want our kids to be active and academic; video games don't seem to promote this behavior--at least those are my feelings.

Anyways, Ethan talked his mother into letting him purchase a refurbished GameCube and a few games with his savings. Tanya's such a sucker! Tanya laid down some ground rules: homework first, chores second, be nice to your siblings, yadda-yadda-yadda! We all know how long Ethan will abide by these rules...2 weeks.

One of the games Ethan purchased is James Bond. I can't get myself to stop playing this game. Ethan and I spend hours fighting each other in differnt settings with different weapons. It's a blast! The best part of the game is seeing how much Ethan enjoys playing with me (i.e. shooting my James Bond charachter). It's fun to hang out with him. I almost made him miss his piano practice yesterday to play James Bond with me--something I'm sure he wouldn't have protested. But, I made him go.

Tonight Ethan's spending the night at a friends house, so I'm either going to have to coax Elise to play with me or play by myself. Unfortunately, Elise isn't too excited about this game. She's too academic to play violent video games with her dad. Wait, isn't this the way I want her to be?

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