Friday, February 29, 2008

The Game Cube!

Ethan's been saving his money over the last year. Not necessarily for anything in particular. Just saving his money. I think the kid's going to grow up and be an accountant. Anyways, he's developed this proclivity for playing video games. This is something his mother and I disdain. We want our kids to be active and academic; video games don't seem to promote this behavior--at least those are my feelings.

Anyways, Ethan talked his mother into letting him purchase a refurbished GameCube and a few games with his savings. Tanya's such a sucker! Tanya laid down some ground rules: homework first, chores second, be nice to your siblings, yadda-yadda-yadda! We all know how long Ethan will abide by these rules...2 weeks.

One of the games Ethan purchased is James Bond. I can't get myself to stop playing this game. Ethan and I spend hours fighting each other in differnt settings with different weapons. It's a blast! The best part of the game is seeing how much Ethan enjoys playing with me (i.e. shooting my James Bond charachter). It's fun to hang out with him. I almost made him miss his piano practice yesterday to play James Bond with me--something I'm sure he wouldn't have protested. But, I made him go.

Tonight Ethan's spending the night at a friends house, so I'm either going to have to coax Elise to play with me or play by myself. Unfortunately, Elise isn't too excited about this game. She's too academic to play violent video games with her dad. Wait, isn't this the way I want her to be?

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Reaper Time!

For those of you who have not heard of the Reaper ride, it's time you harken to the call of the reaper.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, a group of speed demons leave Kirtland Air Force Base and ride to Tramway and Central where they are met by another group of riders waiting to join the Reaper. The meeting time is 12:00 noon. The ride is open to all and any that so chooses to temp thier fate. Up until this point, the ride is cordial and pleasant. However, once you pass the Believer's Center (a local church on Route 66 heading east towards Tijeras), the Reaper's wrath begins to seperate the men from the boys. The actual ride is brief in duration and distance: to Tijeras and back. But, it's a full day's work finishing with the best!

I decided to do the Reaper today to get some anerobic fitness before the races start. Anerobic work outs are really hard to simulate on a trainer. I haven't done the Reaper yet since returning from Boise. Boy, was I in for a rude awakening.

During the ride, I was able to hang with the big boys up until the underpass, after which I was gassed and relegated to watching the 5 riders slip away. I was yet another victim of the Reaper. Generally, once you've been dropped, you recover and go to the other side of the road and wait for the express train back to town. The way back is much easier because it's all down hill and the group works together to contest the final sprint at the Believer's Center. It's a great opportunity to develop your pack riding skills. I managed to finish with the group and contested the sprint.

In analyzing my heart rate data, I hit a 181HR and averaed a 172 for the ride, which was 35 minutes. My lungs are burning like I just did wind sprints. I've got that good ol' fashion blood taste in my mouth as well. I think this workout met it's mark. Now, I'll need to recover for the race this weekend.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What's In The Box?

This is my new Litespeed Saber. It's stock, which isn't bad. But, like AMC does to Mercedes or Shelby Cobra does to the Mustang, I'm going to push the wattage on this bad boy. The following are some of the things I'm swapping:
Dura-Ace drive trane and brakes for the Ultegra
Oval Concepts carbon aero bars for the Vision Tech alluminum
FSA Carbon Crankset instead of the Ultegra
Zipp 404s rather than Real Design aero wheelset
Easton EC90 Carbon Aero forks rather than the Real Design forks
I'm going to make it Garmin GPS compatible

The objective of this bike is a nice comfortable aero position that will get me through 112 miles of riding as fresh as possible for the remaining marathon. It'll take some tweaking to get the position just right. The aero bars I bought allow for the most adjustment. The titanium frame and plush carbon fork will absorb lots of road shock. The carbon wheelset will cut through the wind with minimal effort. I've put alot of thought and planning into this bike. I've read that the bike is the most important piece of equipment for the IronMan.

Now, surprisingly, I'm not always excited about getting a new bike. I realize with a new bike comes a renewed commitment to the goal. Sure, I enjoy training and riding, but there are days I'd rather veg out in front of the TV and take it easy. I've had to forego eating pork reins and vinegar for years now! But, if my family has made the sacrifice for me to have this bike, I sure as heck better follow through!

I can recall once after a mountain bike race I did a few years ago when a guy was totally mystified that he didn't win the race after investing in a $5,000 bike. His wife was visibly upset too; it was obvious her husband lead her to believe that this expensive bike was the difference between winning and losing. Well he wasn't even close to winning.

I don't pretend to think the bike will make me fast. It's the time and training that makes me fast. The bike is just the tool. And, it helps to show up to the job with the right tool!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Week's Summary

Well it's Sunday night and I'm feeling really wasted after a busy week.

Friday morning, I got up and swam 4,000 yards and did one of my harder swimming workouts. The workout calls for (after 2000 yards of warm up sets) 4 sets of the following: one 200 yard interval @ 2:20, two 100 yard interval @ 1:10 each, and two 50 yard intervals @ :35. Basically, this is 20 lengths at an all out sprint X 4. Well, I made the times on the first set, fell off pace by 5-10 seconds per 50 on the second set, and stopped following my times on the third. I bailed on the 4th set. Last time I did this, I only made it through 2 sets, so there's some upside.

Later that day, I dropped my mom off at the airport for her to fly by to Georgia. It was a really busy day at work.

Saturday started out per usual. Early morning swim starting at 7:00 AM. I chose not to go to Del Norte because I'm tired of fighting for a lane. I went to Midtown, and there were a couple of lanes open for to chose from. I swam 3,000 yards. Today was a milestone for me because I was able to substantially complete all 4 swim workouts following my Masters workouts.

Right after swimming, it was off to the team ride. The weather was warmer with wind. It made it really hard to figure out what to wear. The group started out fairly big, and we made our traditional ride to the north. We were joined by some new people. Soon enough, the ride turned out to be an all out drag race. It was brutal! We didn't rest; we didn't regroup, there was plenty of wheel sucking and gutterball activity. We went from a group of nearly 25 to just about 5 of us. Every time I'd look at my heart rate monitor I saw numbers in the 170s. Finally on the way back from San Felipe close to Algodones, I said enough's enough and let the group go. I had an early morning swimming interval set and now I'm pushing zone 5 (highest zone). It was too much. I was able to recover after a bit of riding, and starting picking up others who dropped off later than me. They were completely spent. I put in a good effort and climbed tramway and came home.

Sunday started out with church; then I met one of the guys in the group from yesterday's ride and we rode at an easy aerobic pace to recover. He said he looked at the power data from the prior day's ride and realized it was harder than the Valley of the Sun stage race he competed in the prior week. That's hard!

The ride lasted 3.5 hours (an hour more than I was planning). I came home and put together a brick and quickly transitioned into my running gear and ran 30 minutes on the treadmill. It feels so good to be running again!

This week I trained for 18 hours
I ran 9.42 miles for 1.5 hours
I swam 15,000 yards for 5.75 hours
I rode 165 miles 9.75 hours
I did yoga for 1 hour
I suffered a bit this week on the bike because I spent so little time during recovery week on the bike. This next week I'll up my running mileage. And, I'm going to be doing at least 1 day of the Lobo Classic road race. If the TT bike is ready, I'll do both. We'll see.

Friday, February 22, 2008

More on Escape From Alcatraz

I stole this from some random human on YouTube but it gives you a good perspective of Escape From Alcatraz. So what do you think Danny Boy? Is this something your up to for 2009? (2008 is already filled up).

Clint Eastwood Didn't Have It This Tough!

This is the start to the Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon. It starts with a 1.5 mile swim from a ferry near Alcatraz Island to the beach, a 1 mile run to the T1, a 15 mile ride through the hills of San Francisco, and an 8 mile run that goes across the beach and up a sand staircase that has upwards of 400 stairs. Needless to say, I want to do this some day. It's really hard to get in though. Talk about going back home the hard way!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's Back!

Making another appearance at our house is the infamous chocolate cake. This time it's not a german chocolate but a triple chocolate candy bar cake. What's a man to do?

Monday was my first day back to training. I swam 4,000 yards in the AM before work. It was a good workout. At lunch time, I decided to give it a go and run for 30 minutes. I went to the company gym and there were two girls walking on both the treadmills--Walking! I waited for about 20 minutes doing core exercises hoping they'd vacate the treadmills. Nothing doing. So, with a bit of grumbling, I went outside and ran with shorts and a t-shirt. It was barely warm enough. Half way through my run my lower back started really hurting. I shrugged it off and ran anyway. After wards while working, I could hardly move. Not good!

Tuesday, in the morning I went to the chiropractor, which seemed to help. At lunch I did yoga, which also helped. When I came home I took some ibuprofin and did a tempo workout on the trainer. 2X20 minute sets with a heart rate at 165 or zone 4. It was tough but bareable.

Wednesday, I swam in the morning before work. I was worried my back would hurt but it was bad. Part of my workout was a mile swim TT. I was able to knock it out in 23 minutes. I'm getting faster! After work, I met my mom and Tanya at Mykonos Greek food. It was the first time my mom ate Greek she seemed to like; I know I did. I finished the dinner off with a white chocolate tiramisu.

Today, was a busy day at work. It's month end and I'm putting together budget to actual variance explanations for a meeting I have with some executives. It's been a bit stressful. At lunch, I broke away and ran on the treadmill. It's the first time since the PF Changs marathon that I felt good running. I almost pushed it past my planned 30 minutes, but chose discretion over valor and stuck with the plan. Running really felt good. After work, I jumped on the trainer and did my dreaded anerobic intervals. UGH! Talk about painful. 2 sets of 4X45 seconds all out with 3 minutes rest in between. It doesn't sound like much, but each set I hit a ~176 heart rate.

I need to get ready for swimming tomorrow. Have a good night.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Sunday's Ride With My Bros

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Sunday in the harsh wind, my brother Kyler (From Almagordo) and Kimball (Kyler gave him his old bike; this was his 3rd official road ride) did half the fingers ride. It was 17 miles with 2000 feet of elevation gain--inclusive of the Tramhouse; it took 1.5 hours. It was a great social ride. As soon as Danny can get a bike, he can join us too.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Recovery Week Recap

Well, recovery week is over and it's time to start putting on the miles again. This last week, I swam 4.5 hours, rode my bike 2.5 hours (way too little), did an hour of yoga, and ran for 30 minitues for a total of 8.5 hours. Most importantly, I used the down time to recharge my batteries, eat lots of bad food, and catch up with family and friends, and get pumped for my next training block. As you might have noted, I ran for the first time in awhile--pain free too. It'll be nice to add the third dimension to the tri training again. Saturday the weather was really bad, so I did a mini brick workout in which I swam for 1.5 hours and immediately jumped on the the treadmill. I was a bit tentative during the run because I didn't want to aggrevate my leg again. It was a good workout and I'll start adding some more run time as my confidence and comfort build.

I'm not sure if anyone watched TV on Saturday but NBC put on an encore presentation of the 2007 Kona IronMan. I watched it and was really motivated. The one thing that really struck me was the training time the pros put in. Their traning time averaged from 25 hours a week all the way up to 40 hours. That's a lot of time! I think I can push the 20 hours mark now that I'm able to run, but anymore than that and my wife is going to send me packing with my dog.

My mother's in town visiting from Atlanta, Georgia. She's been working out with Tanya. On Saturday, they did a double, back-to-back high-impact step class. Tomorrow, they plan on pulling another double. It's been good for the kids to catch up with their grandma (in between workouts); it's been a couple of years since they last saw her.

Another newsworthy note, my little bro's wife had their baby Saturday night (Tanya was there, of course). The baby was 8lbs 11 ounces. That's a big baby! The baby's name is Wade Matthew; Dan (my little bro) says it's after me. I think he's just trying to soften me up so I'll go easy on him during the Redman 1/2 IronMan. I'll give him T1 and T2 but he's going to have to earn the rest!

Tonight my Moms beat me at Scrabble. GIRL, NO YOU DI'NT! That won't do! I guess I need to bring my A game when playing a former journalist. I was a bit soft and let her get away with some questionable words. Next time, I'll use the dictionary liberally. Mom or not, she's going to feel the full wrath of Khan!

Next week calls for 16 hours of hard labor with the Swim-bike-run business. I don't know how much more chlorine my hair can handle though. It already feels like an artificial Christmas tree. Tanya said I should just shave it, but it's hard to come-off well in a professional setting when you're sporting a bulbous cranium.

Well, I'm in the process of starting a new project: Pimp my tri bike. I'm going to start with a stock litespeed Saber and turn it into a mean street brawler worthy of its own spot on MTV. I'll post pictures soon.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sunday-Blow the Whistle and Partake in the Good Life!

Sunday's my day to sleep in. I slept until 8:00 AM up until the very last minute necessary to get ready for church. After church, I forced myself to finish the very last workout of the 3 week period. I'm really tired and looking forward to rest week. Today's weather was the best it's been all year. I went out and got away with arm/leg warmers and a vest rather than the full winter-get up. It was nice.

I did my traditional loop around the city culminating in a climb up Tramway and the fingers. The whole ride I kept thinking about brauts and how much I wanted to eat brauts. Perhaps because I didn't eat them during SuperBowl Sunday, my body was telling me I needed them. There isn't any sports nutrition book that will tell you it's a good idea to eat brauts, but it didn't matter. I wanted them!

I rode 3 hours for 50 miles with 3,500 feet of elevation gain. I ran across someone I knew while climbing Tramway, and he dropped me like it was a toddler. I kept thinking I was lagging due to fatigue, but I maintained a speed of 15MPH nearly the whole time. This guy was just fast. My intention was to do the fingers (sans La Luz) after Tramway, but I only made it half way to Menaul and I was done. Here's a map of my ride.

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When I got home, I made the kids (and my sister-in-law's kids) hot dogs for dinner and I rewarded myself with some good 'ol fashion Johnsonville Brauts, with diced onions and mustard. I had three, Tanya had one, and her sister had one.

Final week stats:
18 hours training
5:15 swimming for 13,900 yards
12:45 bike for 220 miles

Next week:
8.5 hours/ 3 swiming/ 5.5 bike


These were the kids for Ethan's birthday slumber party. There were 8 kids (not including ours) rather than 10. It was chaos. I was already tired and wanted to be in bed by 8:00 pm. That actually turned into 10:30. Our house sounded like an earthquake. But, all-in-all, Ethan had a good time.

I slept in a bit again and got to the pool at 7:30AM. The pool was full and I had to share the lane with some lady in a side lane. She wasn't excited about sharing a lane, and wouldn't even acknowledge me. A couple of times she pushed me into the wall. In most cases, I'd try settle up with her, but I just wasn't feeling it. I was so tired. I started out doing my workout, and just didn't have the umph. So I just settled for swimming laps at an recovery pace.

I was worried that I'd be dead on the bike as well. That really wasn't the case. I felt really strong and spent a lot of time pulling in the front. I contested the sprint and got 3rd which was nice. The ride last 4:30 and 75 miles. It wasn't quite the 5 hours I planned but I ran out of time. I picked up the kids at 2:00 while Tanya attended her sister-in-law's baby shower. I took Elise to/from a birthday party at the local roller skating rink. Ran some errands with the kids and spent a little time hanging out with my other brother visiting from Almogordo (Southern New Mexico).

It was a busy day.

Friday, February 8, 2008


I bailed on Yoga again. A co-worker who did attend called me and told me I made the right choice. She said there was lots of partnering including some strange double-decker downward facing dog. Wow, I can deal with tight hamstrings a little longer.

After work, I met Tanya and the kids at McDonalds--I picked up some Zesty Chicken Bowls from Taco Bell for Tanya and I. She just got done lifting weights. The kids got happy meals; it's too bad these don't bring lasting happiness though. After our family dinner roundezvous, Tanya took the kids to piano, and I went home to do my 3 hour Troy Jacobson spin video. This took me to 10:30 at night, well after the kids were in bed asleep. I was able to clean up, pack up for tomorrow's swim, and gorge on some german chocolate cake before 11:00 pm. Why won't anyone else kill this thing (german chocolate cake). Who really wants the dubious honor of eating an entire cake by themselves? There's only one person..."Hey, Hey, Hey!"

Friday began with a 6:30 AM swim of 4,500 yards. I'm making all my Master's lap splits, but only by the skin on my teeth. All the grey panthers I share the pool with must wonder what my hurry is. I'm like a whack-a-mole. As soon as I poke my head out of the water and check the time, I'm back in for the next interval.

After my swim workout, I spent the day with a Red Bull intervenious drip just to get by. It's noon and I want to go to sleep. Thank goodness for mutable conference calls.

Tonight, Ethan's jubilee birthday celebration will include a slumber party; we get to host 9 boys at our house. I have an early 1.5 hour swim and a 5 hour bike ride planned for tomorrow. This should be interesting. Tanya and I are taking shifts on this one. I get the drop off/meet parents tonight and she gets the pick up/farwell children tomorrow. I hope none of the parents object to their kids watching 4 hours of Lord of the Rings; if so, the kids are drinking Red Bull just before they get picked up tomorrow! What's more, we have to peanut proof our house because one of the kids is deathly allergic and purchase some pull-ups--just in case. I'm guessing I'll be needing the pull ups.

Hasta manana!


Tuesday's here and rest day is over!

I downloaded some Masters swim plans to start adding a bit of structure to my swim training and mix it up a bit. The workouts are all 90 minute middle and long-distance freestyle plans. Oh my gosh! Talk about stepping it up a level! Previously I've been averaging 3,750 yards for 150 lengths. Each of the workouts pushes 5,000 yards with lots of sprints mixed in--I guess it'll make me faster.

Tuesday morning started with a 6:30 AM swim at Midtown Sports & Wellness. This is the first time I've used the clock for swimming since I was a kid. Part of the workout included 5X250 yard intervals with 30 seconds of rest. I guess the best part was that time seemed to go by quickly.

After work, I spent an hour-and-half on the rollers doing speed drills while watching old cycling videos. I enjoy this workout, and it's nice not being outside in the freezing cold.

I'm not sure if my wife was trying to be nice or mean, but she bought a german chocolate cake. After my ride, I ate roughly 1/3 of the cake by myself. At this point I realized there's an inverse relationship between accumulated training hours and eating discipline. During the third week of a training month, I'll eat anything and everything. There have been times in the past that I'd eat the raw cookie dough for those easy-bake chocolate chip cookies. Whole bags of semi-sweet chocolate chips, it didn't matter. And, don't get me started on the Ghiradelli brownies.

Wednesday started early again with 6:30 AM swimming. I was able to knock out another 4,500 yards. It was a fun workout--I suppose for lap swimming.

Today's my son's 8th birthday. My wife surprised him by hanging streamers and balloons in his room while he was sleeping. I sure hope that cake wasn't for his birthday--DOH! His birthday dinner request was the mega Golden Corral in Central and Eubank: Kids!?

I picked the kids up from the gym after work, while Tanya did a class, and went to Barnes & Nobles. I grabbed some books on improving marathon time and another on swimming and hid away in the kids' books reading section. Each of the 4 kids began to grab books and read as well. It was an entertaining way to kill time until Tanya's class was over.

Afterwards, we all met at Golden Corral for dinner. The kids had a good time; I did too inspite on choking on some pot roast. Just as we were about to leave, the Astana cycling team (sans Levi, Contador, Horner) came in to partake in Golden Corral's fine dining establishment. Tanya's only comment was, "What's up with the mullets!" There stands Ekimov, former personal leutentant to Lance Armstrong and 1984 Olympic gold medalist, and she can only bag on his hair. I have to admit, it was pretty bad. I hope the Euro-mullet doesn't pick up traction here in the U.S. I was begging Ethan to ask them which one was Borat. He didn't.

Afterwards, I came home and did my first anerobic workout of 2008. All I can say is ouch! The first time is always the worst. My heart felt like it was coming out of my chest--or, perhaps, it was the Golden Corral! Good Night!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sunday/Monday/Week Summary

Sunday started with morning church at 9:00am. Afterwards, I rode for 3 hours around the city on my PowerCranks. It seems everytime I ride my PowerCranks, I convince myself I want to get rid of them. I've had these for a few years now, and I really question how much I'm getting from them in terms of muscle building, pedal stroke development, etc. I read on thier website that they are also supposed to help with running. I'll give them a little more time, I guess.

I was really eager to get this workout over because tomorrow is a rest day. I've really been looking forward to a rest day. The weather was cold and overcast. These are the workouts you really have to be committed to because I just want to be at home on the couch hanging out with the kids.

Just as I got to Tramway and Central, I saw two Astana riders returning from the canyon. One was Levi Leipenheimer and I didn't recognize the other. I thought it was strange to be so close to someone that I read about in cycling news on a regular basis. Other than his kit, Levi looked like anyone else on a bike on training ride.

After my ride, we hung out with my little brother's family and watched the SuperBowl. I'm not a huge NFL fan (more partial to college football), but it was a good game. We didn't cook brauts this year--one of my favorite meals. I guess you have to sacrifice to be in Kona. I'll have a braut the day after Kona though!

The weeks totals are as follows:
18 hours training
5.5 hours swimming/13,750 yards
11 hours on bike/~200 miles
.5 hours running/3.5 miles
1 hour yoga

Monday was a rest day and I didn't get up early to swim. Yes! After work we took the kids swimming. I've been teaching Elise how to swim freestyle. I got to throw Ethan and Grace around in the water. Mia was in and out of the hot tube. As we were swimming it was snowing. This, perhaps, is the most snow we've seen so far this winter. It wasn't too bad. My next rest day will be next Monday, which will also be my recovery week. Until then, I'm trying to log 20 hours of training. With me luck.

Sunday, February 3, 2008


I got up a 6:30 and was in the pool by 7:30. I swam for an hour, which included 5X50 yard sprints with 20 second rests--Ouch! I'm looking forward to a couple days out of the pool after this workout. I wanted to swim for 1.5 hours but couldn't drag myself out of bed.

After swimming, I changed into some of my cycling clothes and waved to Tanya who was in an over-crowded aerobics class. From what she says, depending on the instructor, it is really competitive to get into these classes. The room was huge, nearly the size of a basketball court. And, there were easily 50 people in there.

I then jumped into my car, crammed some food in my mouth, and drove to the team ride meeting place. I got there with 10-15 mintues to spare and I finished getting dressed. There were about 15 of us and we rode north. And, Yes, there was a headwind, again! Instead of going to Algodones, we went west at Bernallilo and rode to the Armory, which in the middle of no where. After snaking through back roads in Rio Rancho, the team ride ended at the traditinal Satelite Coffee on Alameda. This was only about 2.5 hours and ~40 miles, much shorter than my daily goal. So, I left the team and continued south and circled around the city. I was able to stretch my ride to 4.5 hours and 75 miles. Toward the end, I was feeling it. I don't think I fully recovered from Thursday's ride. While on Tramway, I saw some of the Astana riders along with another team training here.

When I got home I was trashed. Appearantly so was Tanya, she was already taking a nap. I ate something, got cleaned up, and took a brief nap as well. Afterwards, we went out running errands, which ended with a great family dinner at Nothing But Noodles. Tanay and I even indulged and shared a slice of chocolate cake afterwards, while the kids picked cotton candy--bad trade-off!


I took Thursday off from swimming and was planning to break out of work early to ride 3 hours. Well the weather was miserable. It was in the 30s, overcast, with a cutting cold wind. One thing I didn't miss about Albuquerque while in Boise was the wind. I've had enough of the wind. I can't think of a day this winter when the wind wasn't either at my back or in my face.

Anyways, I decided to ride my trainer inside and do my 3 hour Troy Jacobson DVD (see picture for DVD cover). This is a video in which an instructor barks various cycling intervals over the duration of 3 hours. If done properly, you can get a really good workout. It's like doing a spin class only on your own bike in the trainer. I have a bunch of these videos and I do these from time-to-time to get a specific workout. They even have these for treadmill use!
I did this DVD and I think my heart rate was an average of 160-165 or zone 4 for me. I was a really hard workout. When I got done, I just packed my stuff for the next day and went to bed. I think this is probably the hardest workout on the bike of done yet this year.
Team Astana (A Kazakastanian backed cycling team that includes riders of the caliber of Alberto Contador (won 2008 Tour de France), Levi Leipenhiemer (3rd 2008 Tour de France), Andreas Kloden (2nd 2006 Tour de France), and many other riders are here in Albuquerque for a training camp. Tonight for $25, you can meet the team. I totally spaced it after my workout. Oh well.
Friday I woke up and swam 3,750 yards in 1.5 hours. Today's focus was my endurance set. Among other things, I swam 50 lengths of the pool without stopping--I'm half-way to my 100 laps goal. It was a good workout.
After work, I met Tanya and the kids at the gym. She was in her aerobics classes, so I grabbed the 2 oldest kids (Elise and Ethan), and we played around in the raquetball courts. We just hit the ball around for an hour or so. I wasn't able to get around too quickly with my leg, but it was fun nonetheless. Ethan was really into sacrificing his body to hit the ball, and Elise was trying to figure out how to hold the raquet. Afterwards, we went home and got ready for Saturday.