Monday, January 28, 2008

Weekend Summary

Saturday began early with a 7:30 AM swim for an hour at Del Norte Sports & Wellness. I was feeling the accumulation of all the week's swimming and my body was getting tired. Right after swimming, I jumped into my car and drove to the team meeting spot for the group right. Once I got there, I quickly changed into my cycling clothes. It was still brisk outside, so I had to layer. About 20 or so people showed up. We rode north to Bernillilo, Algodones, and San Felipe Casino (Nearly Santa Fe). We came back via Rio Rancho and Corrales up Tramway and back to the original meeting spot where my car is parked. It ended up being 80 miles and 4.5 hours. There were some points when the tempo was hard, and I tried to spend as much time pulling as my legs allowed. It was a good ride!

Afterwards I grabbed a Dos Hermanos Breakfast Burrito. These things are huge--about as big as Hulk Hogan's Bicep. They're packed with potatoes, cheese, scrambled eggs, thick bacon, and green chili. I'm guessing somewhere north of 1000 calories. Not the healthiest thing to eat, but I was hungry. All in all, I think I've consumed 135 of these over the last 6 years; I've got the punch cards to prove it. I'm saving my punch cards because after 10, you get a T-shirt; and after 15, you get a hat. If you wear the clothing articles while ordering, you get a free coke--Bonus!

Afterwards, I came home and decided it was that time of year when you break out the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Extended Version) to veg out to with the kids. The kids love Lord of the Rings. As soon as I started it up, Ethan dressed up in his hobbit costume and started vanquishing his imaginary Ork foe with his toy sword. It's also great because Mia and grace snuggle up with me--Grace had her rabbit in hand, as well. Elise is too old for Lord of the Rings and went downstairs to watch Hannah Montana--Well Excuse Us!

Sunday started with 9:00 AM church (the worst time of all). Afterwards, I jumped on my bike and rode 3 hours tempo around the city. I got done just before the clouds opened up and started to pour. I fired up some more Lord of the Rings with the kids while Tanya got her hair done at her sister's. For dinner, we went to my little brother's place for a red chili burrito dinner. He made his spicy salsa--that I went to town on.

Week Training Summary
18 Hours total Training Time
5.5 Hours Swimming/13,000 yards or 520 lengths of the pool
12 hours cycling for 205 miles
.5 hours donkey trotting for 2 miles

P.S. I shaved my goatee off. I was tired of picking community hair out of it after swimming. Disgusting!

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