Thursday, January 10, 2008

Third Week Blues

I don't know if it's because this is the third week of my monthly training cycle and just before recovery work, or because I've been working long hours at work, or what, But I'm tired!
Wednesday I got away from work during lunch and swam for an hour. Swimming's getting better. I worked until after 7:00PM and came home and rode my rollers while Tanya and I watched a video that we, ultimately, shut off because it was so bad. I won't comment of the movie; but it only lasted 20 minutes. We were very disappointed because one of our favorite actors from Arrested Development was on it.

Today, I swam again during lunch for another hour. I swam 2500 yards and was able string 30 consecutive lengths together without stopping. I little progress.

When I planned this week, my plan was to get away early today and put in a 3 hour ride; because of my work load that didn't happen. I ended up coming home around 7PM again. Tanya was off doing the piano lesson thing with the kids (every Thursday night is piano lesson night). So, I decided to do a workout triathaletes affectionately call a "brick". A brick workout is when you string two events together back-to-back with a quick transition. I rode the trainer for an hour doing big ring intesity; after wich, I immediately changed and jumped on the treadmill for a half hour. Nothing too strenous, but it's good to get your body used to the shock of different events.

It's strange the thoughts going through my head thinking about doing my first marathon this weekend. I feel like the first time I did a road race. Lots of self-doubt and second guessing my ability to finish. It looks like there's too many things going on this weekend for Tanya to join me, so I'm going solo. That's fine. My only concern is I'm too sore to drive home--that's what ibuprofins for...right!

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Shannon said...

Marathons are great! You'll love it. I wish I was running with you. Actually, I wish I was running a couple miles ahead of you. HA!