Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Still Recovering

It's Tuesday and I'm still recovering from the marathon. It looks like I'm going to lose one toenail. Today's the first day the toe has began to have normal feeling sensations. Otherwise, my legs are still really sore. Yesterday, I spent time in the hot tub, used the foam roller, had a steady diet of Ibuprofin, and got a Ben Gay muscle rub. It's getting better but slowly.

Tomorrow, I plan on doing yoga and swimming. I'm going to slowly ease back into it.

My feet are really swollen too. For all the activities I've done in my life, this is by far the most traumatic on my body. It's getting tiresome walking like a penguin.

Probably the hardest part of the recovery is I can't physically move on, so I keep reliving the marathon trying to figure out how I could have gone faster. I think if I can work it in to my training for the IronMan, I'd like to break the sub 3 hour mark. Tucson's probably the best course for this because it's all down hill. Many people use this event to qualify for Boston. We'll see!

I've been fundraising to build up a tri-bike. I've sold some things on Ebay, and plan on listing some more things tonight. The right bike is crucial for optimal time on the bike leg of the event. Unlike a traditional road bike, a tri bike has a very different geometry allowing you to ride in an aerodynamic position. A regular road bike will work; however, riding in an aero position will buy you 2-3 MPH and more comfort. This translates in to a time savings of 30 minutes and a fresher start of the run. During the Redman Half Ironman, I rode my regular road bike and tried to ride the entire race in the drops (lower part of handlebars); it wasn't very comfortable--especially on my lower back. So, I'm hoping to remedy that with a different bike. I've posted a picture of my dream tribike.

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