Wednesday, January 30, 2008


The Best Pizza in the World! If you go, get the Fromage a Trois.

I took Monday off for recovery from last week's efforts. It was nice. After work, Grace and I went to Petsmart and got food for her bunny (Angel). We cleaned her cage and got her set up with new bedding. Afterwards, the family made sugar cookies and decorated them.

Tuesday began early with a 6:30 AM swim of 3,750 yards. When I went outside to drive to the pool, Albuquerque was covered with a light snow that iced over. The freeway was pretty dicey. The kids' school was canceled. The entire day was overcast and windy. I feel for the Astana cycling team here in town for their training camp. I read a report that they were out training this icy morning, as well.

After work I did some more speed drills on the rollers. While riding, I put in my 2006 Het Volk DVD--a Belguim early spring classic road race. I was interesting how much Belguim reminded me of Boise. Minus the pave (cobble stone roads), this race looked like Beacon Light Road in February. I've been missing Boise alot lately, and I still cannot believe I'm not living there anymore. I can't wait to come back in early June...we're going to hit up Flying Pie and Cafe de Paris.

Monday began with another early morning swim. This time I added 5X100 yard intervals with 30 seconds rest in between. My buddy Silvio (former Brazilian olympic alternate) was quick to point out that I need to start the interval at the same time each set, so if I slow down, I get less of a rest. Whatever!

At lunch I did a PNM (my employer) provided yoga course. This is a great perk. The one downside is our male instructor is very hands-on and we do the class in a conference room in our building. Sometimes, the instructor will assist us with poses; to the untrained eye, this may appear strange or obscene. I'm terrified one of my coworkers is going to look into the conference room and misconstrue what is taking place. For this very reason, I don't go too regularly, but I figured a good stretch would help my legs for my run tonight.

After work, I tried again to do a short run. Immediately the pain in my thigh started up. I decided to push through and run, at a low speed, for a half-hour. The pain never abated. So, I did a little research, and I honestly think I might have a femural stress fracture--all my symptoms are similar to what I'm reading. Prognosis: 4-6 weeks no running. That's probably not a bad thing because that gives me a little time to focus on my road racing and swimming. I'm thinking swimming won't conflict with road racing like running would anyways.

Tomorrow I'm meeting up with Al, Levi, Chris, and Klodi for an ascent up Sandia--wish me luck!


Lesley from Flying Pie in Boise! said...

Hi there! I came across your blog on a Google search about Flying Pie (I'm the Imagineer for Flying Pie and scouting web comments is part of my work). If you give me a head start on your Boise visit, I can arrange to have your name on the sign for It's Your Day and you can make your OWN Fromage! Let me know at least two weeks before you plan to be here so I've got time to work it in. :)
(You can email

Happy running,
and the Flying Pie-ers

Anonymous said...

drummond. Sory to rub it in but I am eating flying pie right now. I will eat a piece for you.