Sunday, January 6, 2008

Late Saturday

After staying up so late last night trying to register for Rock N' ROll Marathon in Arizona, I slept in later than I was planning. I finally got to the pool around 9:30 AM. Unfortunately the grey panthers had taken over most of the pool for water aerobics leaving two lanes for lap swimming. I was in the end lane sharing with another fellow swimmer. The other lane seemed to be the ladies lane. After a bit of swimming, the water aerobics class ended and the other lanes became available. Ultimately, I swam 2500 yards and am starting to show better form.

From there I rushed up to High Point Sports and Wellness (Their pool is barely 20 yards so I swim at either Midtown or Del NOrte) and changed in my car to begin my bike ride. I always worry when I change in my car that people might think I'm some weirdo, so I change in the back where the windows are tinted. Even so, people might get the wrong idea: just trying to develop my transition skills.

Today, in spite of being overcast, was much warmer than it's been in a long time. I think we even hit 50 degrees. I dispensed with the thermal jacket and gloves and got away with a wind vest and gloves. I plugged in the ipod and commenced my ride.

Today called for a quick city loop lasting about an hour (including a climb up Tramway) and 5X5 minute big ring power climbs up Ellena Gallegos--this is the same workout I did last Sunday.

Anyways, I proceeded to ride as planned. The city loop went fine, the climb up Tramway was good. The first few sets up Ellena went well too.

In between my climbing sets, I would spin really easy on Tramway recovering from the climb. This lets me start each interval ready to put out the requisite effort. Anyways, as I was recovering between my 3rd and 4th set, some guy on a bike passed me and yelled at me for listening to my Ipod while riding. At first this caught me off guard; I didn't even know the guy. So, I quickly caught up to him and asked him to repeat himself, which he did so in more terse terms. I don't know if it was my pride or what, but this really got me upset. Again, he stood up and accelerated. It was apparent this person didn't spend much time on a bike because the 2 accelerations he just made nearly wiped him out. I think because he passed me (while I was recovering from my interval) that he felt he was stronger than me on the bike and could get away with harassing me. I stood up and caught back up to him, and started to harass him about his mullet hairdo and being short (It looked like he may have been 5 foot 4 inches at most). He tried to accelerate away from me, but I responded in kind. Again, I harassed him, and again he tried to get away only to see me right there with him. This iteration took place a few more times, and I could see he was exhausted. He had that look in his eyes when you dunk someone in the pool too many times and they grow afraid they aren't going have enough energy to swim to the side of the pool. My temper cooled down and I let him go his way and returned to my interval. I looked back at him one last time as he was riding away, and his head was hanging low. It looks like I wasn't the only one doing intervals that day. Perhaps he'll think twice about telling absolute strangers what to do.

I finished my ride with 40 miles and nearly 3 hours of riding (lots of altitude pick up).

I came home and hung out with my family for the rest of the day. I'm pretty tired, and my body is getting sore. I'm one workout away from finishing the week--hopefully I'll have the energy and sticktoitness to finish.

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