Friday, January 18, 2008

Getting It Back

Wednesday I did yoga; it was tough trying to maintain some of the poses. Buy our PNM sponsored instructor was sensitive to the fact that I just recently finished a marathon, so he went easy on me. After work, I swam 3000 yards. Surprisingly, the swimming wasn't at all impacted by the marathon. Good to know for future reference.

Thursday was my first day back on the bike. I rode the rollers inside because I didn't want to deal with the 20 degree temps. I just rode for an hour and tried to maintain a cadence of 90+ RPMS. This was a challenge. Every once in a while, I'd try to stand to stretch out my legs, and my legs would just collapse. My quads haven't completely recovered. At the half-way point I had to take a breather for a minute to let my legs recover. I'm hopeful I'll be good for Saturday because I have a 3 hour group ride planned.

Interestingly enough, the marathon was just as tough on me mentally as it was physically. It took a good 3 days for my mind to engage at work. I was so worked that I just starred at the computer screen in a stupor. I think next time I do a marathon, I'll give myself some recovery time rather than just jumping in the car right after and driving home to start work early the next morning. It would be nice if they scheduled marathons on Saturdays rather than Sundays; however, there are only a handful of marathons on Saturday--the only one I'm aware of that's a Boston Qualifier is St. George, UT.

Speaking of the Boston marathon, Lance Armstrong will be participating in the "Boston" this year with his qualifying time in the "New York" of 2:43. Not too bad for lycra clad bike jockey!

This weekend we're celebrating my daughter, Grace's, 6th birthday. We've decided to get her something living primarily because she's having a hard time making friends at school. She really misses her friends in Boise. Maybe this will help her get over that. We've narrowed down the "living thing" to either a bunny or a puppy. If it's a puppy, it won't be a Mastiff because we don't have $2,500 set aside for a dog at the moment. I'm leaning towards something that can provide protection because of the rash of robberies I've been hearing about lately. Maybe it'll just be a bunny so we can defer the dog issue until later. We'll see.

I'm off to the pool now.

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