Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Base 3/Week 1

This is Mia holding some road bike wheels I'm selling on Ebay. Mia was born the day the womens olympic road race was held. Mia is a ball of fury! Her blue eyes will hypnotize you long enough for her to steel your gum and lip gloss. Mia will be on the front of a Weaties box one day.

Well this week has been a bit more hectic than usual. That's why my blog has been bone dry.

Sunday night Tanya flew out with her grandparents and sister to attend a funeral. This left me alone with the 4 monsters for a day. Fortunatly, it was MLK day and I had it off along with the kids. Before Tanya left, she made arraingments for the kids to spend the morning in childcare while I rode. So, after an early morning getting the kids ready and dropping them off, I joined a small group for ride up north. Once again the wind was 10-15 mph from the south. So, on the way out we averaged speed in excess of 27 mph. On the way back, it was a really hard effort the keep the group rolling along at 18MPH. It was a little warmer than it's been in the past; that was nice. The ride was 3.5 hours and roughly 60 miles. I could still feel my IT Band in my right knee bugging me a bit. I'm going to have to work on that.

Immediately after the ride, I took the kids swimming. Fortunately for me, Mia's the only who doesn't know how to swim, so I can focus my energy on her while the other kids do thier own thing--with in reason of course.

Afterwards we came home and did house chores, homework, and went to bed!

Tanya got back 1:00 AM in the morning.

The next day I rushed off to work. I had a big meeting with a VP and SRVP to discuss year-end budget to actual activity. The kids went to school. Tanya went to work. After work I swam 3,750 yards in 1.5 hours. I'm starting a new thing where I swim 3 days a week in the AM for 1.5 hours each and Saturday morning 1 hour. I was able to swim 40 laps consecutively with stopping--making progress.

After swimming, I met Tanya and the kids and Tanya's brother's place for dinner--we had Range Cafe takeout: the best Chimichanga's ever. About 8:30, my workout caught up to me and I crashed. I brought the kids home, while Tanya visited her mother and sister in the hospital--Shay's newborn has RSV and has been hospitalized.

When I got home, I opened the back door to let Shane in. Our whole backyard was flooded. The hose was running full blast. I tryed to turned the spigot off, but it was busted. The neigbor's backyard was flooded too. It was a mess. The only thing I could do was shut the water main off until a plummer could fix the spigot.

Turns out, when Ethan fed Shane this morning, he tried to use the hose. It didn't work (because the water in the hose was frozen). He left the valve open and when the ice in the hose thawed, it blew the spigot valve out and was running all day. I love having kids!

Since our hose didn't have water, I got up early this morning and did another 1.5 hour swim before work. A plummer came and fixed the valve. I helped Tanya with Grace's friends birthday party at the pool. Then I came home and rode my trainer for 1.5 hours doing 6X5 minute tempo efforts in Zone 4 with 2 minutes of recovery in between. It was a good workout and I'm trashed. I'm going to bed now


Shannon said...

Congrats on your marathon. I'm thinking about running St. George this fall. I hear it's a fast course.

Anonymous said...

Drummond. Try foam rolling your IT band. It works magic